matti bye ensemble

The MATTI BYE ENSEMBLE is an orchestra that plays music for silent movie performances, both precomposed scores and improvised music, on traditional instruments as well as modern—using prerecorded tapes, sound effects, rare instruments (like the saw or the mellotron)—to be able to create both melody and atmosphere to match the shifting moods of the screen performance.

The ensemble's music—described by film critic Leonard Maltin as suiting the film "to a T"—has captivated audiences around the world, at cinemas, film festivals, cinematheques, museums, universities, film archives—from San Francisco and New York, and Paris to Dublin, Sodankylä and Tromsö.

They have performed at events as diverse as the Silent Film Festival in San Francisco, the Bergman Festival on Fårö, in the Baltic Ocean, at the Cinemarctic FF at Svalbard in the middle of the Polar Sea, at the Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna, Italy, and at the To Save and Project festival at the MoMa in New York City.

Equally at home with the classics of the Swedish Golden Age of Cinema—such as The Phantom Carriage, Terje Vigen, Häxan, and Saga of Gösta Berling—and the classics of the international silent cinema—notably and recently Pandora's Box, Greed, Metropolis, and Nosferatu—the MATTI BYE ENSEMBLE will stop at nothing to explore the endless possibilities of silent film accompaniment.

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26/06/13: "The Outlaw And His Wife", Bergman Week Sudersands Biograf, Fårö, Sweden

14/07/13: "The Outlaw And His Wife", Cinema Ritrovato festival, Bologna, Italy

18-21/07/13: "The Clown", "The Joyless Street", "The Outlaw And His Wife", Silent Film Festival San Francisco, USA

09/2013: "Pandora's Box", Silent Film Days, Tromsø, Norway

18/10/13: "The Outlaw And His Wife", Stockholm, Sweden

11/2013: "Häxan (Witchcraft Through The Ages)", Time Zone Festival, Bari, Italy