May 2019

OST Release

Federico Albanese: OST Release "The Twelve" Neue Meister / Edel

Federico Albanese, after releasing his latest album "By the Deep Sea" at Neue Meister, is presenting in May 2019 another project he has been working on. In cooperation with Edel, Federico is releasing Soundtrack for the movie "The Twelve", a documentary about twelve masters from different parts of the world and cultures, who are on a mission to share their knowledge and traditions with the modern world in hope to help the new generations with the environmental and social challenges of modernisation. To find out more about the whole project follow this link.




Vivan & Ketan Bhatti "Flying Pictures at an exhibition"

Vivan & Ketan Bhatti have recomposed Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" for an acoustic orchestra and made the classics groove. The album was recorded with the Berlin Music Ensemble and on the Bhatti’s own compositions Olga Scheps and DJ Illvibe of The Krauts can also be heard, along with other guest’s contributions.



SHOW @ Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin

Vivan & Ketan Bhatti Show "Flying Pictures"

Vivan & Ketan Bhatti are cooperating for the third time with the Flying Steps, and this time they have also written the music for the show "Flying Pictures", that celebrates its premiere at the Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin. Inspired by Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures of an Exhibition", the music is performed live by an ensemble with beatboxer, the Flying Steps will interpret the pictures through the dance and the Brazilian artists OSGEMEOS will create three-dimensional objects. More information and tickets for the show can be found here.


March 2019


Federico Albanese: International Tour 2019

In March 2019, Federico Albanese is on his international tour. He will have concerts in Germany and Australia. He will perform pieces from his latest album "By the Deep Sea" and from his upcoming album "The Twelve". 

11.03.2019 Berlin (DE), Silent Green
12.03.2019 Bochum (DE), Jahrhunderthalle
13.03.2019 Hamburg (DE), Elbphilharmonie
15.03.2019 Wiesbaden (DE), Museum Wiesbaden
29.03.2019 Castelmaine (AU), Castelmaine State Festival
30.03.2019 Castelmaine (AU), Castelmaine State Festival
31.03.2019 Castelmaine (AU), Castelmaine State Festival
01.04.2019 Melbourne (AU), tba



AWARD Berlinale

Matija Strnisa: "House of Hummingbird" wins Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus

The Korean indie drama "House of Hummingbird", with music by Matija Strnisa, directed by Bora Kim and produced by Zoe Sua Cho is awarded with a Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus International Jury for Best Film at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival. We congratulate the whole team! 



AWARD Berlinale

John Gürtler: "Systemsprenger" wins the Silver Bear Award

The Silver Bear / Alfred Bauer Prize at the 69th Berlinale goes to "Systemsprenger" (System Crasher) by Nora Fingscheidt, accompanied by music written by John Gürtler in collaboration with John Schröder, Andi Haberl, Schulz & Söhne and many others.



Season broadcast 

John Gürtler: "Charité" TV Show 2nd Season broadcast date

Second season of "Charité", the TV show that follows lives of several doctors and scientist at the prestigious hospital in Berlin at the end of the 19th century, is coming out in February. John Gürtler, Jan Miserre and Hannah von Hübbenet were chosen to write the music for the series. The series is available from the 12th of February in the media library of the ARD and it will be broadcasted on television on the 19th. Trailer.


February 2019


John Gürtler Film Music "Systemsprenger", Berlinale Competition

John Gürtler wrote the soundtrack to the movie "Systemsprenger" by Nora Fingscheidt, which is also in the film competition at the 69th Berlinale. The focus of the story is the 9-year-old girl Benni, known as the "Systemsprenger" because of her wild temperament, who is being passed from institution to institution in search of a home for her. More information about the film can be found here.




Matthew Herbert Concert "Brexit Big Band" at the Hamburg Elphilharmonie

Matthew Herbert, the British producer, DJ and musician performs in Hamburg in February at the Elbphilharmonie. Herbert is presenting with his Brexit Big Band the upcoming album "The State Between Us", which will be released in March. The project and the concert are a response to Britain's planned secession from the EU. More details about the project can be found here.


February 2019

FILMMUSIC Berlinale, European premiere

Matija Strnisa Filmmusic "House of Hummingbird", Berlinale

Matija Strnisa composed the film score for the Korean indie drama "House of Hummingbird", an autobiographical story of a 14-year-old’s clumsy and painful adolescence and her search for love, directed by Kim Bora. The movie already won two awards at the Busan International Film Festival in Korea and is one of the nominees for the Crystal Bear at The Berlinale. The European Premiere is scheduled for February the 12th at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) as part of the Berlinale.




Vivan & Ketan Bhatti: "Glück ist was für Weicheier" Filmpremiere

The Bhatti brothers composed and produced the original soundtrack for an emotional comedy coming out soon in German cinemas in February. The plot is wrapped around a girl who wants to prevent her sister from dying. "Glück ist was für Weicheier" from the director Anca Miruna Lazarescu is pre-selected for the nomination for the German film price. The soundtrack is digital available. See the trailer for the movie.


07/11/18- 17/01/19


Federico Albanese: Tour Autumn/Winter 2018/19

In Autumn/Winter 2018/19, Federico Albanese is on tour with his current album "By the Deep Sea". He will perform in Sweden, Germany, Poland, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Turkey, Iran, and Italy.

07/11 Stockholm, Sweden, Södra Teatern

16/11 Fuerth with Ensemble, Germany, Kulturforum

23/11 Milan, Italy, Linecheck Festival

25/11 Wroclaw, Poland, Festiwal Ambienalny

26/11 Edinburgh, England, Queens Hall

27/11 Manchester, England, St. Michael's

28/11 Leicester, England, Fraser Noble Hall

29/11 Bristol, England, Colston Hall Foyer

30/11 Dublin, Ireland, Pepper Canister Church

01/12 Den Haag, Netherlands

02/12 London, England, Barbican, Purcell Room

07/12 Teheran, Iran, Andisheh Hall

08/12 Teheran, Iran, Andisheh Hall

09/12 Shiraz, Iran, Hafez Hall

12/12 Istanbul, Turkey, Salon​

13/12 Istanbul, Turkey, Salon

28/12 Locorotondo, Italy, La Chiesa Madonna

17/01 Groningen, Netherlands, Eurosonic Festival​


May 2018


Gürtler, Miserre & Voges: "The Cleaners" German Film Start

In May 2018, is "The Cleaners" with the film music by Gürtler, Miserre, and Voges alias Paradox Paradise starting in the German cinemas, shortly after the European premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.




Federico Albanese: Tour in Spring 2018

In spring 2018, Federico Albanese is for the first time with his new album "By the Deep Sea" on tour. He will perform in Germany, Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, and Greece.

27.02.2018 Prague (CZ), TBA

03.04.2018 Frankfurt (DE), Brotfabrik

04.04.2018 London (UK), Vortex

05.04.2018 Cork (IE), Triskel Christchurch

06.04.2018 Dublin (IE), Pavillion Theater

07.04.2018 Cologne (DE), Stadtgarten

08.04.2018  Amsterdam (NL), Paradiso Noord

10.04.2018 Munich (DE), Ampere

11.04.2018 Istanbul (TR), Akbank Sanat

12.04.2018  Milan (IT), Santeria Social Club

13.04.2018  Lugano (CH), Foce

17.04.2018 Hamburg (DE), Elbphilharmonie

18.04.2018 Berlin (DE), Volksbühne

19.04.2018 Utrecht (NL), TivoliVredenburg

20.04.2018 Athens (GR), St. Paul's Sessions

22.04.2018 Leipzig (DE), Neues Schauspiel

24.04.2018 Dresden (DE), Tonne

25.04.2018        Nürnberg (DE), Neues Museum




Matthew Herbert: "A Fantastic Woman" Oscar Award

"A Fantastic Woman" from Sebastián Lelio and the score by Matthew Herbert is awarded the Oscar in the category Best Foreign Language Film. Schneiderplus has supervised the production of the recordings at the Apple Studios London, on behalf of Komplizen Film. We congratulate the whole team!






Federico Albanese: Showcase at Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus

In the evening before the official album release, Federico Albanese is presenting selected pieces of "By the Deep Sea" for the first time at a showcase at Dussmann in Berlin. 



RELEASE Rework Album

Fabian Russ: Remix with Luca D'Alberto

Fabian Russ, in collaboration with Luca D'Alberto's rework album, will release a remix album in February 2018. Luca D'Alberto is an Italian composer and multiinstrumentalist, who produced together with 7K! a drone project of Berlin about his neoclassical music in July. Further remixes are from Robert Lippok, Ryan Teague, Niklas Paschburg and Dictaphone. 




Matthew Herbert: Politics of Listening

Matthew Herbert is presenting his sound installation at the British Library on January 23rd 2018. Herbert is discussing with his audiences the politics of listening  and whether it is legitimate to produce music out of exploding bombs. Tickets can be purchased here




JURY                 Max-Ophüls-Preis

John Gürtler: Jury at Max-Ophüls-Preis

John Gürtler will be part of the jury at the documentary competition for the 39. Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis. On January 22nd to 28th of January are 12 films participating.



SOUNDTRACK Digital Release

Gürtler, Miserre & Voges: "The Cleaners" Original Soundtrack

At once with the premiere for "The Cleaners", Gürtler, Miserre and Voges alias Paradox Paradise digitally release the score "Original Soundtrack by Paradox Paradise" via Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes.




Gürtler, Miserre & Voges: "The Cleaners" at Sundance Festival

The documentary "The Cleaners" by Moritz Riesewieck and Hans Block with music by the composer trio Gürtler, Miserre & Voges is selected for the Sundance Film Festival 2018."The Cleaners" celebrates its world premiere in the world cinema documentary competition on January 19th 2018 and on January 28th in Rotterdam its European premiere at the IFFR.




Matthew Herbert: "A Fantastic Woman" at the Golden Globes

The drama "A Fantastic Woman" by Sebastián Lelio with the music by Matthew Herbert has been selected for the Golden Globes and has been nominated for Best Motion Picture- Foreign Language. Herbert's film score will be published digitally on January 5th and physically on February 9th via Milan Records.




Ketan Bhatti: "Modul 5"

Ketan Bhatti is releasing his first single "Modul 5" out of the album "Chamber Noddings" via col legno on January 1st. It has been played in with the Ensemble Adapter and co produced by Paul Frick. "Chamber Noddings" will be released as vinyl and CD in April. 



PREMIERE               Lead Track

Federico Albanese: "By the Deep Sea"

Federico Albanese's lead track "By the Deep Sea" of his upcoming album will be presented on Musikexpress, DE and Goldflakepaint, UK. The single "By the Deep Sea" is available for downloading on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify


11/2017 - 02/2018


Federico Albanese: Tour in winter 2017/ 2018

In winter 2017/ 2018 is Federico Albanese on tour. He will play concerts in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Below the tour dates.

10.11.17 NL - Amsterdam Sous 623

15.02.18 DE - Bochum Rotunde

16.02.18 BE - Antwerp inPRIMETIME Festival


December 2017


Gürtler, Miserre & Voges: Film score "The Cleaners"

Gürtler, Miserre and Voges produce the film score for the documentary "The Cleaners" directed by Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck and production firm Gebrueder-Beetz. The film analyses the impact of social media on society and its outcomes, that has become a nightmare for radicalizing society and widening the gap between rich and poor. 



DEBUT LIVE ACT Goldenem Pudel+Acud

John Gürtler and Phillip Sollmann: "Gegen Die Zeit" Live Act

On November 20th in the Goldenem Pudel in Hamburg and on November 23rd in the Acud in Berlin are Sollmann & Gürtler presenting their live album debut "GEGEN DIE ZEIT". The duo follows an aural dialogue with a guitar and a variety of woodwind instruments. The produced sounds are later electronically edited and processed. You can purchase the tickets here.

Digital in Berlin interviews Sollmann & Gürtler about their musical development and motivation.



PORTRAIT CONCERT Borusan Music House 

Ketan Bhatti: Hezarfen Ensemble

On November 7th is the Hezarfen Ensemble from Istanbul performing Ketan Bhatti Portrait Concert, including the world premiere of “Istanbul Mimesis”.  The Hezarfen Ensemble consists of 12 musicians, who is focused on performing and proliferating contemporary music, by national and international renown composers. Seats can be reserved via this email.



FILM RELEASE Hofer Filmtage

Ketan & Vivan Bhatti: Film Score for "Flying Revolution"

The documentary “Flying Revolution – The Story Of A Lifetime Battle” by Steve Won will be presented on October 27th to 29th at “Hofer Filmtage”.  Vivan and Ketan Bhatti, who work together with the Berliner break dancers “Flying Steps” since 2011, produced and composed the film score for the award-winning documentary drama “Flying Revolution”. The film is about the extraordinary success story of the Flying Steps, and how they thrived for social recognition as b-boys.


The dance and theater project “Flying Illusions” and the music of Vivan and Ketan Bhatti will be permanently performed from May 17th until June 10th 2018 at Potsdamer Platz.  The presale opened already and the tickets can be purchased here




John Gürtler: Film Release "Myanmarket"

John Gürtler composed and produced the music for the documentary „Myanmarket“ by Eva Knopf, which will be released on local television channel, SWR, and its programming for young documentary films. “Myanmarket” has its film release on October 25th at 11:30pm on the SWR and deals about how Myanmar is becoming a global trading partner and its performance on the market, as a more than 50 years isolated country. Knopf discusses how the world market influences the traditional values of the Burmese people. The film will be screened on the following festival on October 26th at the 17.Tage des Ethnologischen Films in München and on November 16th at the Kasseler Dokfest.




RELEASE  Debut Album 


John Gürtler and Phillip Sollmann: Debut Album Release

On October 13, the new debut album by "Sollmann & Gürtler" (Phillip Sollmann alias Efdemin and John Gürtler) will be released by the Label Sky Walking Records. Recorded in 2015 underneath a highway bridge in Offenbach, as part of the stunning ROTOR concert series, the duo performed an aural conversation between a ring modulated electric guitar and a variety of reed instruments, which were worked on with a cluster of electronic filters and devices. Parts of the live concert were included in the album. You can listen to an audio sample right here.




Filmfest Hamburg

Gürtler, Miserre & Voges: "Pre-Crime" at the Filmfest Hamburg

The documentary-thriller "Pre-Crime" by Matthias Heeder and Monika Hielscher with music by the composer trio Gürtler, Miserre & Voges is selected for the 25th anniversary edition of the Filmfest Hamburg and will be festured as premiere. The 25th Filmfest Hamburg takes place from October 5. until Otober 14. at the Festival cinemas Abaton, Passage, CinemaxX Dammtor, Metropolis and Studio Kino. Cinema release in Germany will be on October 12. You can find the offical Trailer and more information here



GAME SCORE TEMPLATES Production Music Live

Fabian Russ and PML Music: Game Score

Fabian Russ and Production Music Live coproduced two templates that have been published on September 24th.

The composition is inspired by the soundtrack of the computer game, Assassins Creed and the arrangements and templates created with ABLETON. The following link shows the tutorial: Link

Production Music Live offers tutorials and templates that are mainly focused on electronic music. It is one of the most influential German providers for templates and tutorials and together with Fabian Russ it is the first time PML Music launches a game score. The tutorial explains how score music can be produced, especially when using the dramatic power of percussion and orchestral instruments.The tutorial of Fabian Russ and his composition can be purchased here.



CONCERT  Resonanzraum Reeperbahnfestival

Federico Albanese: Neue Meister Concert

In context of the Neue Meister Federico Albanese will play a concert at the Labelnacht on September 22. The concert will take place in the Resonanzraum in Hamburg. You can find more information here.   




Gürtler, Miserre & Voges: Film release "Haus ohne Dach"

John Gürtler, Jan Miserre & Lars Voges composed and produced the music for the film "Haus Ohne Dach" by Soleen Yusuf, which was already awarded as best feature film at First Steps Award. "Haus Ohne Dach" comes now to the cinemas and tells the story of the journey of the three siblings Alan, Jan and Liya. They were born in the Kurdish part of Iraq but grown up in Germany. The brothers and sisters want to satisfy their mothers last wish and bury her next to their father in their home village.




Federico Albanese: Summer Festivals 2017

In the summer of 2017 Federico continues with his Tour. He will play concerts in Germany, Switzerland and in Austria. Enclosed you can find the dates: 


16.06.17  DE - Duisburg Traumzeit Festival 

13.07.17 CH - Montreux Jazz Festival

09.08.17 AUT - Lech am Arlberg Postgarage

17.08.17 DE - Dresden Palais Sommer

20.08.17 DE - Lichterfelde Artlake Festival 

08.09.17 DE - Neustadt a. Rbge. Tastentage




FESTIVAL   Nibelungen-Festspiele Worms

Ketan & Vivan Bhatti: Nibelungen-Festspiele Worms

As a result of the successful version in 2016, yet again Ketan & Vivan Bhatti are composing the music for the Nibelungen-Festspiele in Worms. From August 4th - 20th the play "GLUT. Sigfried von Arabien" by Albert Ostermaier, produced by Nuran David Calis will be premiered at the impressive open air stage at the Wormser Dom. 15 actors and 8 musicians will be on view, including opera star Nadja Michael und tenor Bassem Alkhouri. You can find more information regarding play and festival here





Federico Albanese: Sheet Music available

Starting today, on Juli 19., sheet music by Federico Albanese is available for purchase and download at Faber Music. You receive access to the sheet music of i.e. "Carousel 1", "Space in Between" and "Beside You". For more information please visit the following link



CONCERT       Montreux Jazz Festival

Federico Albanese: Concert at Montreux Jazz Festival 2017

On the 13th of July 2017 Federico Albanese will play at the 51 Montreux Jazz Festival in the Fairmont le Montreux Palace. Federico will present his latest album "The Blue Hour". You can find more information here.




Matthew Herbert: Filmscore for "Disobedience"

Matthew Herbert will be composing and producing the filmscore for the new film "Disobedience" by Sebastián Lelio. On June 28th the recordings will take place. The film "Disobedience" is about a woman returning to her Orthodox Jewish home after the death of her father. Back home she stirs up controversy when showing interest in an old childhood friend. You can find more information here.  


The Guardian give a 4/5 review and write:'musical score by Matthew Herbert; its musing and almost playful woodwind figures cut against the expected sombreness and obvious melancholy to contribute to this sense of disorientation and subversion. This is richly satisfying and powerfully acted work.' 





Gürtler, Miserre & Voges: Music for ARTE's "VideoHunterS"

John Gürtler, Jan Miserre, Lars Voges produce the music for the internet-serie "Video-Star" for Arte.  



RADIO PLAY       Berliner Funkhaus

Fabian Russ: "The Therapy"

On the 29th of May Fabian Russ play "The Therapy" is featured in the "Kurzstrecke" by Deutschlandfunk Kultur. For more information please click here




CONCERT   Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Federico Albanese: Concert at the Elphilharmonie Hamburg

On the 17th of April 2018 Federico Albanese & Ensemble will play an exclusive, sheer acoustic concert at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. In the major Hall of the Elbphilharmonie you will listen to compositions from Federico's two studio albums "The Houseboat And The Moon" (2014) and "The Blue Hour" (2016), as well as compositions from his 2018 to be released new album. Tickets are available here




9., 12. & 19./05/2017

PODCAST        Music App


Fabian Russ: Podcast of "Butterfly Under Glass"

On the 9th, 12th and 19th of May there will be via "Henry", a free App for contemporary music,  a Podcast about Fabian Russ and his multimedia Performance "Butterfly Under Glass". "Butterfly Under Glass" is inspired by the history of Loie Fuller, who was a reformer of dance and innovator in light- and stage production. You can find more information here.   







Federico Albanese: Tour in spring 2017

In spring 2017 Federico Albanese is on tour again. He will play some concerts in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Austria. In the following you can find the dates: 


28.03.17   LU - Luxemburg Rotondes

29.03.17   BE - Leuven 30CC

30.03.17   BE - Turnhout de Warande

31.03.17   BE - Roeslare de Spil

01.04.17   BE - Hasselt CCHA

02.04.17   NL - Utrecht De Helling

29.04.17   DE - Bremen Jazzahead Festival - Club Nacht

05.05.17   DE - Berlin XJAZZ Festival 2017



FILMSCORE   Premiere

Gürtler, Miserre & Voges: Filmscore "PRE-CRIME"

Gürtler, Miserre & Voges produced the filmscore for "PRE-CRIME" by Matthias Heeder and Monika Hielscher. The film is celebrating its world premiere on the 29th of April at the well-known Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto. The Festival premiere in Germany takes place on the 7th of May at 8pm at the DOK.fest in Munich, whereas the Cinema release in Germany takes place on the 5th of October. "PRE-CRIME" is dealing with Chicago's police surveillance system, a software, which predicts by means of algorithms, when and where crime happens. The investigative documentary film "PRE-CRIME" dares to catch a look behind the scenes and questions the pre-crime-surveillance method. You can find more information here.







SHOW    Tempodrom in Berlin 

Ketan & Vivan Bhatti: Flying Illusion

The show "Red Bull Flying Illusion" is a production created by the international successful Breakdance - Company Flying Steps in collaboration with the "Bhatti Brothers" Ketan & Vivan, who are responsible for the music. They have managed to build a bridge between the world of magic and the prime necessities a breakdancer needs. On the 28./29. of April 2017 they are performing in Berlin in the Tempodrom. You can find more informationen here








Federico Albanese: Showcase at the South by Southwest Festival

On the 15th of March 2017 Federico Albanese is presenting his second Album "The Blue Hour" in his Showcase from 9.00 pm - 9.40 pm at the "The South by Southwest Conference & Festivals" (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. For "The Blue Hour" Federico took inspiration from the brief transitional state between day and night. The Festival is celebrating the convergence of the interactive film and music industry, between the 10th - 19th of March 2017. You can find more information here.




FEATURE            BR Klassik

Fabian Russ: "Radikaler Schmetterling" BR Klassik about Loie Fuller/ Butterfly under Glass

On Monday the 13th of March, BR Klassik is presenting the feature "Radikaler Schmetterling", which is musically accompanied by compositions of the multimedia Performance Butterfly under Glass from Fabian Russ. "Radikaler Schmetterling" is a Feature dealing with the Dancer Loie Fuller, who's work inspires us until today. You can find more information here.







RELEASE         Neue Meister

Federico Albanese, Matthew Herbert and Fabian Russ

On the 3rd of March the new Double Album "Neue Meister Live in Berlin" will be released with a variety of compositions eponymous to the concert series with Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin. Three of our composers, including Federico Albanese, Matthew Herbert and Fabian Russ, present new composed and arranged compositions in particular for the concert series. You can find more information here.



CONCERT             At the Wiener Konzerthaus

Matti Bye: Silent film concert "Stiller: Erotikon"

The Matti Bye Ensemble, led by Matti Bye, accompanies on Monday 27th of Feburary 2017 live at the Wiener Konzerthaus the Silent Film "Stiller: Erotikon". Matti Bye has proven to be one of the most important Swedish film composers. You can find more information here



INSTALLATION Deutsche Oper Berlin

Matthew Herbert: "Death in Venice" Installation

Matthew Herberts installation "Death in Venice" can be seen at 25th February 2017 at Deutsche Oper Berlin. The installation is part of the "Ambushed from Behind" series, which consists of 5 premiers. Herbert travelled to Venice with a microphone in order to capture sounds of the city, which build the raw material for his composition. Hence he creates his own version of the homonymous opera by Benjamin Britten. More information can be found here.




Matthew Herbert: Praise for the "A Fantastic Woman" Film score

The film "A Fantastic Woman" (Una Mujer Fantástica) by Sebastián Lelio with music by Matthew Herbert received on Sunday, 19th of Feburary at the Berlinale 2017 the Silbernen Bären for the best film script and the Teddy Award for the best transgender film. Metthew Herbert's Score was honourably mentioned, "a stunning, a string-based creation" Variety and "that extends also to the strange and beautiful score by experimental British electronica composer Matthew Herbert, working here in a more orchestral but not less distinctive vein" Hollywood-Reporter.



FILMSCORE Berlinale 2017

Matthew Herbert: "A Fantastic Woman" at Berlinale Competition

The film "A Fantastic Woman" (Una Mujer Fantástica) by Sebastián Lelio with music by Matthew Herbert is selected as one of the first 14 films for the competition of the Berlinale 2017. It is about a young transsexual in Santiago de Chile, who has to stand up alone against accusations and discrimination after the sudden death of her older boyfriend. Fabula (Chile) in cooperation with Komplizen Film (Germany) are responsible for the production of the film.



AWARD           Max-Ophüls Preis

John Gürtler: "Without this World" wins documentary film

The film "Without this World" (Ohne diese Welt) by Nora Fingerscheidt with music by John Gürtler receives on Saturday 28th of January 2017 at the Festival Max-Ophüls Preis the Award for the best documentary film. Congratulations! "Ohne diese Welt" adresses a tribe of Mennonites, who live like one did in the 18th century. "Inspired by the set recordings of a traditional Mennonite settlement in Argentina, John shaped the score mirroring the stretched out vocal melodies and ancient hummed tunes of Mennonite religion" Website Paradox Paradise.




John Gürtler: Nomation for Best Cinema Documentary in 2016

The film "Hinter dem Schneesturm" by Levin Peter with music by John Gürtler is nominated by the association der deutschen Filmkritik in the category "Best Cinema Documentary" of 2016. On Monday 13th of February 2017, the accolade is awarded at the Berlinale. "Hinter dem Schneesturm" already received the FIRST STEPS Award for the "best documentary film" in 2015. For more information please click here.



FILMSCORE Filmfestival Max-Ophüls- Preis

John Gürtler: Music for the Film "Hinter dem Schneesturm"

John Gürtler wrote the Film music for the Documentary film "Hinter dem Schneesturm" directed by Levin Peters. The Film Premiere will be on the 37. Max Ophüls Filmfestival.