Federico Albanese: Licensing for "Sports Illustrated"

Federico Albanese's composition "The Blue Hour" has been licensed for the documentary "89 Blocks" from Sports Illustrated. 



CONCERT Radialsystem V Berlin

Tom Hodge: Concert with Piano Interrupted in Berlin

At 20th November 2016 Piano Interrupted plays a concert at Radialsystem in Berlin within the framework of the UM:LAUT series. Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann play together with double-bass player Tim Fairhall, with whom they also recorded their new album "Landscapes of the Unfinished". You can find more information here.




Burak Özdemir: Album release concert of "Sampling Baroque / Handel" in Berlin

At 11th November 2016 the record release concert of the album "Sampling Baroque / Handel" by Musica Sequenza takes place at Radialsystem in Berlin. In this album the ensemble under the direction of Burak Özdemir unites Handel's music with electronic sounds and transports the sound of baroque into the 21st century. You can find more information about the event here.



CONCERT b-flat Berlin

Håkon Kornstad: Concert in Berlin

At 11th November 2016 Håkon Kornstad plays a show with his ensemble at the Berlin jazz club b-flat and presents his current album "Tenor Battle". The critically acclaimed album, which also has been cover story in JazzThetik, combines jazz and opera, improvisation and classical music. You can find more information here.




John Gürtler and Efdemin: Release

John Gürtler has a side project with Hamburg DJ and producer Phillip Sollmann alias Efdemin and the first track "Gegen die Zeit" is released on the current Sky Walking compilation, which appears on the correspondent label. Here you can find an audio sample.




Federico Albanese: Europe Tour October

In October Federico Albanese will go on tour. He will perform in different clubs in Germany but also in Denmark, France, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. Here you can find the dates:

29.09.16 IT - Bologna, Lokomotiv

30.09.16 IT - Terracina, Ribbon Club

01.10.16 IT - Milano, Bellezza

02.10.16 IT - Turin, Teatro Superga

07.10.16 CH - Yverdon, Theatre Benno Besson

11.10.16 G - Dortmund, Domicil

12.10.16 F - Paris, MaMa Festival

13.10.16 G - Leipzig, UT Connewitz

14.10.16 G - Dresden, Scheune

15.10.16 G - Hannover, Lister Turm

16.10.16 G - Düsseldorf, Christuskirche

21.10.16 DK - Copenhagen, DR Koncerthuset Studio 3

22.10.16 G - Hamburg, Tschaikowski Saal

28.10.16 PL - Gdansk, Klub Zak

29.10.16 PL - Durbe, Zemlika Festival

11.11.16 G - Wiesbaden, Hessisches Landmuseum

12.11.16 G - Utrecht, Le Guess Who?! Festival

13.11.16 G - Bielefeld, Bunker Ulmenwall 




Fabian Russ: Butterfly Under Glass at Radialsystem

On 16th of October Fabian Russ presents at Radialsystem V Berlin together with live-video-artist Frieder Weiss the installative-performative dance-, light-, and music performance "Butterfly Under Glass". It was premiered at PODIUM festival Esslingen in 2015. With music, light, video and dance the project goes on the trail of Loie Fuller and handles with her questions about the interaction between art, technique, and humanity. It moves freely between various disciplines, so that borders between genres disappear. Fabian Russ composed the music and developed the project together with Frieder Weiss, Folkert Uhde and PODIUM festival. Here the Making Of.




Håkon Kornstad: Album release "Tenor Battle"

Håkon Kornstad's album "Tenor Battle" is released at 30th September in the German-speaking region by the label EDEL. In this album the Norwegian jazz saxophonist and tenor singer amalgamates arias and jazz together with his ensemble. Bremme & Hohensee have been won as concert agency for Kornstad. Here is the link to his website.




Gürtler, Miserre & Voges: "ABOVE AND BELOW" available on DVD

The multiple awarded documentary, amongst others German Film Award 2016, Zürcher Film Award 2015, Fipresci International Critics Prize 2015 "ABOVE AND BELOW" by Swiss director Nicolas Steiner is now available on DVD. The composer collective Paradox Paradise composed and produced the music, which significantly influences the film. You can order the DVD amongst others here.




Matti Bye: Album Release „Elephant Made The Piano“

On the 16th of September 2016 Matti Bye released his new EP "Elephant Made The Piano" through the Label 1631 Recordings. The album is now available. You can find a audio sample right here



FILMSCORE First Steps Award

John Gürtler: Film score for “Haus Ohne Dach”

John Gürtler composed the music for the film "Haus Ohne Dach" by Soleen Yusuf, which was awarded as best feature film at First Steps Award. We congratulate. "Haus Ohne Dach" tells the story of the journey of the three siblings Alan, Jan and Liya. They were born in the Kurdish part of Iraq but grown up in Germany. The brothers and sisters want to satisfy their mothers last wish and bury her next to their father in their home village.



AWARD - Special Grand Prix and FIRST STEPS Award 

John Gürtler: Accolades for the film "Haus Ohne Dach"

The film "Haus ohne Dach" by Soleen Yusef with music by John Gürtler, Miserre und Vogs wins the Special Grand Prix of the Jury at the 40. Montreal World Film Festival on Monday, 5th of September 2016. Moreover the film received the FIRST STEPS Award 2016. A great success for Soleen Yusef, who was in charge of the script and the direction of the film.




Matthew Herbert: Filmscore for "A Fantastic Woman"

Matthew Herbert will compose and produce the music for the new film of Chilean director Sebastian Leilo. "A Fantastic Woman" follows Marina, a waitress trying to make a living moonlighting as a nightclub singer, when the sudden death of her older boyfriend leaves her more vulnerable than ever. The Berlin based film production Komplizenfilm, i.a. Maren Ade, will co-produce the film in Germany.





Fabian Russ: "Inside Partita" at Bachfesttage in Köthen

At "Bachfesttage" in Köthen on September, 3rd and 4th the installation "Inside Parita" will be set up. Fabian Russ developed it together with Folkert Uhde. "Inside Partita" is a more dimensional sound space on the musical base of Bachs Partitas and electronics.




Federico Albanese: Music for shortfilm "Mollymaulk"

Federico Albanese finished working on the score for "Mollymaulk" by the british director Daniel Kershaw. The shortfilm deals with the problems and the fears of the community in an english fishing village.



READING Pop-Kultur Berlin

Matthew Herbert: Reading at Pop-Kultur

On 1st of September, Matthew Herbert will read the first time from his book "The Music" at Pop-Kultur festival in Berlin. Herberts first book is a music album in words, that describes the production of the album and the sounds that would be heard. The reading takes place at 10:40 pm at Passage, Neukölln. More Infos here. The website of the book is here.




Federico Albanese: Summer-Festival-Concerts

Between July and November Federico Albanese will perform on different festivals around Europe. Here are the dates:


31.07.16  UK - Malmesbury WOMAD

06.08.16  IT - Castelbuono Ypsigrock Festival

13.08.16 DE - Weißwasser Klassik Nacht im Jahnpark    

27.08.16  DE - Storkow alinae lumr Festival

04.09.16 IT - Sparks Festival 

14.09.16  GR - Thessaloniki Reworks Festival

12.10.16  FR - Paris MaMA Festival

29.10.16  LT - Durbe Zemlika Festival

12.11.16  NL - Utrecht Le Guess Who ?! Festival



LIVE Roundhouse  London

Matthew Herbert: A NUDE Live in London

On the 10th of May Matthew Herbert presents his newest project A NUDE for the first time live at Roundhouse in London. The album A NUDE (The Perfect Body), based on the recordings of a naked body, will be presented in an installative performance together with choreographer Eleesha Drennan and five other dancers.



FESTIVAL Nibelungen-Festspiele Worms

Ketan & Vivan Bhatti: Nibelungen-Festival Worms

For this year's Nibelungen-Festival in Worms, Ketan & Vivan Batthi composed the music. At the 14th edition of the festival the play "GOLD. Der Film der Nibelungen" by Albert Ostermaier, directed by Nuran David Calis will be premiered. For two weeks the composition will be presented during the daily performances by ten musicians on the stage. On 23rd of July 3sat will broadcast the piece. More infos about the piece and the festival you find here.






Federico Albanese: Licensing for "Nura"

The Australian headphone producer "Nura" licensed the piece "Time Has Changed" for their new image-film.

Here the video.



COMPOSITION Commercial Yelp

Gürtler, Miserre, Voges: Music for Yelp-Spot

John Gürtler, Jan Miserre and Lars Voges composed the music of the new commercial of "Yelp". The spot "La Grenouille" was produced by Big Bish and directed by Claas Ortmann. 

You can find the video here.  




schneider+ sync: Federico Albanese for Strava

For an image film for Strava, a social network for athletes, music by Federico Albanese was licensed. The trailer was produced by Acher's Mark. 

Here you can find the video.





FILMSCORE Filmfest München

John Gürtler: Film score for “Haus Ohne Dach”

John Gürtler composed the music for the film "Haus Ohne Dach" by Soleen Yusuf, which will be premiered at the Film Festival Munich. "Haus Ohne Dach" tells the story of the journey of the three siblings Alan, Jan and Liya. They were born in the Kurdish part of Iraq but grown up in Germany. The brothers and sisters want to satisfy their mothers last wish and bury her next to their father in their home village.



ALBUM RELEASE Release-Concert Berghain Kantine Berlin

Burak Özdemir: Album Release “Sampling Baroque/Händel

On 10th of June the new album of Burak Özdemirs ensemble Musica Sequenza will be published through Sony. On his fourth album "Sampling Baroque/Händel" the bassoonist and leader of the ensemble will combine Händels arias with urban sounds. The release concert takes place on June, 24th in the Kantine in Berghain.




Neue Meister

Matthew Herbert: World premiere of "Further" at Neue Meister

On 20th of June Matthew Herbert performs his composition "Further" within the concert series Neue Meister. "Further" is Herberts musical and performative reaction on the current refugee situation. More infos about the concert series here.






Paradox Paradise: The German Film Award for “Above And Below”

Congratulations! The film "Above And Below" with the music from the Berlin-based composer collective Paradox Paradise was awarded two times at The German Film Award. In the categories "Best Documentary Film" and "Best Cinematography" the production received the two awards. Last year the three composers Gürtler, Miserre and Voges were already honored for their score for "Above And Below" with the award for the best music in a documentary film in Munich at DOK.fest.

More infos here.





MUSIC THEATER Deutsche Oper Berlin

Ketan & Vivan Bhatti music theater project "Neuland"

Young refugees and young people from Berlin are taking contro of the Tischlerei at the Deutsche Oper Berlin to found a new city. City with new rules and rituals, with a common and imaginative culture. In their Utopia from January till April they are faced with strangeness , the arriving moment and the wish for a better common future and the are invite us for a experimental music theater piece.



TOUR  Germany

Concert Tour Federico Albanese - April

Federico Albanese will continue his Blue-Hour-Tour in April, including concerts in Mannheim (09.04), Magdeburg (15.04) and Stade (24.04). Tickets are available under the following link.




Federico Albanese: Germany Tour

Federico Albanese presents his upcoming album "The Blue Hour", which will be released on the 15th of January 2016, at his tour in Germany. Here you can buy the tickets. These are the dates and locations of the tour:

03.03.2016 Hannover, Feinkost Lampe

04.03.2016 Rees-Haldern, Haldern Pop Bar

05.03.2016 Hamburg, Resonanzraum

08.03.2016 Zürich, Exil

09.03.2016 Karlsruhe, Jubez

10.03.2016 Düsseldorf, FFT

11.03.2016 Frankfurt am Main, Brotfabrik

12.03.2016 München, Frameworks-Festival

13.03.2016 Berlin, Roter Salon

09.04.2016 Mannheim, Jetztmusik Festival

15.04.2016 Magdeburg, Moritzhof

23.04.2016 Stade, Hanse Song Festival 


March 2016


Ketan & Vivan Bhatti Music for the Documentary Series "The Dance Trip"

Ketan & Vivan Bhatti produce the Music for the Pilot to the Doku-Series "The Dance Trip". Two break-dancers are trying to find the roots of Dance. They start a journey around the World to explore the traditional dances and the other cultures.



CONCERT  Neue Meister  DRIVE Forum Berlin 

Federico Albanese - Neue Meister Concert in Berlin

Federico Albanese composed a new Orchestra piece for the Neue Meister Concerts witch will be performed by the Deutsche Kammerorchester Berlin. The new concert series from the Lebel Neue Meister offers an overview over the current evolution in the Berliner based klassik musik, et al Paul Frick, Johannes Motschmann. 




Gürtler ,Miserre & Voges: Film music for "Above and Below"

The multiple rewarded documentary film "Above and Below" directed by Nicolas Steiner will start in February in the German-speaking countries. John Gürtler, Jan Miserre and Lars Voges produced the score for the film, which is available on iTunes and as a limited vinyl edition on the Paradox Paradise Website.




Berlinale: John Gürtler music for "Hinter dem Schneesturm"

On the 21st February the film "Hinter dem Schneesturm" withe the music from John Gürtler will be presented at the Berlinale Perspective series. The Film celebrates his Premiere at the 37th MAx Ophüls Filmfestival. The filmmusic was recorded withe the Munich violinist and composer Verena Marisa and the Swiss organist Jacques Kiefer.




Berlinale - Matti Bye Score for "The Serious Game"

On 16th February the film "The Serious Game" directed by Pernilla August and the music from Matti Bye will celebrate his Premiere at the Berlinale Festival. The film is a  adaptation of an Bestseller written by the swedish autor Hjalmar Söderberg. "The Serious Game" will be also performed on other days during the Berlinale. 



Cinema Release  The Beste Song in Film

John Gürtler: The Best Song in Film - "Antons Fest"

John Gürters music for the film "Antons Fest" was honored with the Deutsche Filmmusik award, for The Best Song in Film. Jury's argumentation was: " The nominated Song appears a sort of as an Epilog at the end of the film. The song ist accurately, and ist also a catchy tune. The song gives the film a neu, fresh wind". The film debut of the regisseur John Kolya Reich was annotated by Blickpunkt Film: " It's a sophisticated and occasionally opressive film debut", it's about 8 people coming together on a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere to  celebrate a party.



SHOWCASE  Concert Berlin

Federico Albanese: Showcase at Dussmann

On 22th of January at 7 pm. Federico Albanese will present live his new Album "The Blue Hour" in a Showcase at Dussmann in Berlin.  live vostellen. The Album Release is on 15th of January.



MUSIC THEATER Neuköllner Oper Berlin

Bhattis: Music theater "Das schwarze Wasser"

On 21th of January will be the Premiere of the Music Theater from Ketan & Vivan Bhatti , according to the Model from Roland Schimmelpfennig. The Bhattis changed the Schimmelpfennigs Play to a Music Theatre which tells about Nostalgic, Failures off Dreams,Expectations and Life journey's. The peace is made for 6 Singers and chamberensemble.




Federico Albanese Album Release "The Blue Hour"

On the 15th January 2016 comes the second Album from Federico Albanese. "The Blue Hour" will be Released by Berlin- Classics Neue Meister.




Federico Albanese: The new Music Video "Shadow Land 2"

On December 2nd Federico Albanese presented his new Music Video "Shadow Land 2" from the Album "The Blue Hour".The Album release will be on 15th of January 2016.

Pre-order iTunes:Link

Pre-order Cd/Lp:Link




Federico Albanese: Concert in Berlin

On 29th of November, Federico Albanese will play as Opening Act on Lambert concert in Berlin's Heimathafen Neukölln.



CONCERT Salon des Amateurs  Düsseldorf

Matti Bye & Samuli Kosminen: Approximation Festival 2015

The Swedish musician and composer Matti Bye and the Icelandic percussionist Samulin Kosminen will perform on 28 th November at the Aproximation Festival in Düsseldorf. Bye and Kosminen will show their Improvisation programm ,which one they already presented last year on the Louis Vitton Fondation in Paris. Link





Federico Albanese: ''MIGRANTS'' Track Premiere

On 4th November Federico Albanese presented his first Track from the New Album "The Blue Hour". "MIGRANTS" ist now available here."Migrants" is also presented on Clash Online and Spex 

Clash:"It's often said that a musician has a certain lyricism to their playing, but Federico Albanese seems to take this one step further. Each piece seems to unfurl like a poem, the music blessed with a real sense of imagery to its composition."




Matthew Herbert: Prized for a Radio Play

The Akademie der Darstellenden Künste prized Mathhews Herbert Radio Play "The Unknown" as the best Radio Play in the Month October. The Jurys opinion :,, Matthew Herbert compose the direct sound those days. Electronic-Producer Herbert ties the Voices those Days into Voices of two Choirs, he creates and use every Medium which is available. Thats how an Time documental Radio Play works , with the spectacular encounter of RIAS Choir with Rundfunkchoir Berlin and with the Talent of Matthew Herbert. A Masterpiece.

Link for the Radio Play.





Federico Albanese: Broadcast "Cinema Perverso"

Federico Albanese has composed the score for Oliver Schwehms documentary "Cinema Perverso." The movie is about the train station cinema scene and its emergence in post WWII Germany. The Film will be broadcast on the 31st of October at 10 pm on ARTE und will be re-aired on the 13th of November at 1:40 am.






Matthew Herbert, Mocky: Überjazz Concert Kampnagel,Volksbühne Berlin

On 30 October Matthew Herbert and Mocky will perform at the Überjazz Festival in Kampnagel in Hamburg.

 Herbert is coming with a big Band and with the newest Album ,,The Shakes".It's an comeback to the Dancefloor Music roots. Matthew will also perform on 1.November with the Shakes at the Berliner Volksbühne.

 Also Mocky has for Hamburg his present ALbum ,, Key Change" and will be live accompanied by the Ensemble Resonanz.


23/10/2015 & 24/10/15


Federico Albanese: Concerts Wroclaw & Hamburg

On October 23rd, Federico Albanese will perform in the Western Polish city of Wroclaw. The concert will take place at the Firlej Club.Moreover, Albanese will perform in Hamburg's Kampnagel K2 on the next day, October 24th. More info on and tickets for this concert available here.


20 - 30/10/15


Mocky: European Tour

Toward the end of October, Mocky will premiere songs off his new album "Key Change" in Europe for the first time. Here are the dates:


20.10.2015 CH Zürich-Kaufleuten Tickets

21.10.2015 D München-Rote Sonne Tickets

22.10.2015 D Frankfurt-St Peter Cafe Tickets

23.10.2015 D Köln-Gebäude 9 Tickets

24.10.2015 NL Rotterdam-Bird Tickets

25.10.2015 NL Amsterdam-Bitterzoet Tickets

26.10.2015 D Leipzig-Werk 2 Tickets

27.10.2015 D Berlin-Watergate Tickets

30.10.2015 D Hamburg-Überjazz Tickets




Paradox Paradise: Nomination Deutscher Filmmusikpreis

The composer collective Paradox Paradise, consisting of John Gürtler, Jan Miserre, and Lars Voges, have been nomenated for the Deutscher Filmmusikpreis in the category "Best Song in a Film." The song in question is "Would you want to know" from the film "Above and Below" by Nicolas Steiner.The award ceremony will take place on October 9th in Halle, Germany. Further info on the award, as well as on other nominees, may be found here.




Matthew Herbert: Premiere "The Unknown"

On October 2nd, the day preceding the Day of German Unity, Deutschlandradio will broadcast the world premiere of Matthew Herbert’s “The Unknown.“ The project is a choir piece for the RIAS Kammerchor and the Rundfunkchor Berlin and concerns the topic of the German reunification. More information on this broadcast may be found here.The radio play will be aired again on October 23rd on Bayrischer Rundfunk at 9.05 pm. Further information regarding this broadcast can be found here.



CONCERT Schulmuseum Hamburg

Federico Albanese: Concert at Reeperbahnfestival

On the 25th of September, Federico Albanese will perform at Hamburg’s Schulmuseum within the context of the Reeperbahnfestival. The Reeperbahnfestival, which runs from the 23rd to the 26th of September, is Germany’s largest club festival. Further information on the Festival and Albanese’s performance there may be found here.



CONCERT, Le Trianon, Paris

Federico Albanese: Concert opening

On September the 11th Federico Albanese will open for Ólafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott "The Chopin Project," at Le Trianon in Paris.




Matthew Herbert: Production "The Unknown"

In early September, Matthew Herbert will be producing a new radio play titled „The Unknown“ in Berlin. The play will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the reunification of Germany and will premiere on Deutschlandradio on October 2nd.  Further information about the project is available here.




Matthew Herbert: Appearance in documentary „Soundhunters"

In early September, Matthew Herbert will appear in the documentary  „Soundhunters - Töne machen Musik" from Beryl Koltz. The film’s primary focus are composers who create music out of sounds from day to day life. The film will premiere on Arte on September 19th. More information on the film and the broadcast may be found here.
Prior to that, the film will premiere at public screenings in Hamburg on the 2nd of September and in Karlsruhe on the 9th of September. Both of these screenings will be followed by a discussion with the filmmaker. More details about these screenings are available
here and here.



LIVE CONCERT Pop-Kultur festival Berlin

Matthew Herbert: LIVE concert

At the 27th August Matthew Herbert, in connection with the "Pop-Culture Festival 2015" will present for the first time his new album "The Shakes," together with his band at Berlin Berghain. Further information about the concert, as well as more programme points, you can find here.



FESTIVAL, Berghain, Berlin

Matthew Herbert: "Pop-Kultur" Festival Berlin

From the 26th  – 27th August, Matthew Herbert will be involved as one of twelve workshop leaders in the „Pop-Kultur“ Festival 2015 in Berlin Berghain.  With its program comprising live concerts, performances, talks, and readings by more than 60 acts, the Festival includes “Pop-Kultur Newcomers," a supply for young talents in the field of music, with workshops and talk formations as well as case studies with professionals from the music business.

Young musicians, DJ’s, producers, label-, club-, and festival-managers, journalists, bloggers, and students of these disciplines can apply for the program from now until 10th July 2015 here.




John Gürtler and Jan Miserre: Music production for Beckenbauer documentary


John Gürtler and Jan Miserre have written the score for a new documentary about Franz Beckenbauer.



FILMSCORE Filmfestival Max-Ophüls- Preis

John Gürtler: Music for the Film "Hinter dem Schneesturm"

John Gürtler wrote the Film music for the Documentary film "Hinter dem Schneesturm" directed by Levin Peters. The Film Premiere will be on the 37. Max Ophüls Filmfestival.




Federico Albanese: New publishing company

Starting in August 2015, Federico Albanese is under contract with the British publishing firm Manners McDade and is being represented by them exclusively. Albanese is also being represented by Manners McDade in regard to film scores and music licensing. Further information concerning Manners McDade can be found here.


03 & 10/07/2015

LOUNGE Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche Berlin

Burak Özdemir: "Baroque Lounge" Gedächtniskirche

Under the leadership of Burak Özdemir as well as the maxim "Baroque is the new Pop," the baroque Ensemble Musica Sequenza invites at the 03rd and 10th July 2015 to a concert at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche in Berlin. To be expected is a dialog between baroque music and the electronic sound of the urban club scene. Further information about the concert you can find here.



FILM SCORE premiere Munich

Benedikt Schiefer: "BABAI"

Benedikt Schiefer scored the film "Babai- Father," directed by Visar Morina. The film will premiere nationally on June 28th in Munich and internationally on July 5th in Karlovi Vari. Find more informationen here.



GUEST PERFORMANCE, abbey Marienmünster, Marienmünster

Bhattis: guest performance "Schwestern" at Wege durch das Land

For "Schwestern", a music and dance theater piece from Tschchow, wrote Ketan Bhatti the music. The play, under the direction of Frank Krug, will be giving a guest performance at the 27nd June at Wege durch das Land at the abbey Marienmünster. More details here.




Benedikt Schiefer: film release "The Lies of the Victors"eger"

Benedikt Schiefer has written the score for Christoph Hochhäusler's current film, "Die Lügen der Sieger". Florian David Fitz stars in the political thriller as a journalist who discovers a scandal. "Die Lügen der Sieger" will be shown in German cinemas from the 18th June 2015. Further information you can find here.


05/06 - 07/06/2015


Bhattis: Show "Flying Illusions"

From the 05th until 07nd June the Berlin urban dance company Flying Steps showes "Red Bull Flying Illusions", with music produced and composed by Vivan and Ketan Bhatti, at Hallenstadion in Zurich. Tickets and further information here.



PREMIERE, Schauspiel Leipzig

Batthis: premiere of Brechts "Baal"

Vivan Bhatti wrote the music to Nuran David Calis new production of Berthold Brechts drama "Baal". The piece will premiere on the 5th of June at Schauspiel Leipzig. Further information can be found here.




Matthew Herbert: new album release "The Shakes"

Since the 1st of June Matthew Herbert's "The Shakes" has been available in stores.

On August 27th, Herbert will present his new album at a concert at Pop-Kultur in Berlin Berghain for the first time in Germany. 



Musik on iTunes

Gürtler, Miserre & Voges: "Above and Below" on iTunes

The Score to "Above and Below"OST by Run to the Woods and Paradox Paradise is now available on iTunes.


16 - 24/05/2015

TOUR Piano Interrupted

Piano Interrupted: TOUR

After their successful in March, Piano Interrupted will start its next tour in May. These are the concert dates:

16.05.2015 München (ger) - Hauskonzerte

17.05.2015 Leipzig (ger) - UT Connewitz

18.05.2015 Prague (cz) - Palac Akropolis

19.05.2015 Wien (at) - Das Werk

20.05.2015 Olmütz (cz) - Jazz Tibet Club

21.05.2015 Bamberg (ger) - Kontakt- Das Kulturfestival

24.05.2015 Brighton (uk) - Nice Weather for Airstrikes Festival

More details about the tour may be found here.


16/03 - 01/06/2015

New Album

Matthew Herbert: "The Shakes"

From the 16th March until the 1th June there will be released a new track of Matthew Herbert's neuem album "The Shakes" on his website. The full album will be available in June. With "The Shakes" releases the British electro-artist Matthew Herbert his first dance album since "Scale" nine years ago. First audiovisual impressions you can get here.

At the 27th August 2015 Matthew Herbert will present his new album live with band at the Pop-Culture-Festival in Berlin for the first time in Germany.



Norfolk Festival
Ace Hotel London

Federico Albanese: GB-short-tour

In May Frederico Albanese will perform live in England for the first time. On the 18th May on the Norfolk Festival  and on the 19th May in Londons current concert-hotspot, the Ace Hotel.




schneider+ sync

Italian film director Mattia Colombo licensed for his current production "Voglio dormire con te"compositions by Otto A. Totland, which he has been produced by his duoproject Deaf Center.



New EP

MOCKY: New album "Living time - The Moxtape Vol.II"

"Living time - The Moxtape Vol.II", Mocky's new digital album is now available. Find the full album here.



CONCERT Radialsystem Berlin

Tom Hodge & Max Cooper: concert premiere at Um:Laut

On the 6th March Tom Hodge & Max Cooper will be presenting their electroacoustic  Duoproject  live for the first time at the Radialsystem V Berlin. Acoustic piano vs electronic deconstructions. Anclosed you can find an audio sample of this cross-genre experiment.



Kitkat Club Berlin

Burak Özdemir: Oper im KitKat Club Berlin

0“Skin Deep Plugins”, the new episode of Burak Ozdemirs series “Opera del Futuro”, will celebrate its premiere on the 28th February in Berlins legendary KitKat Club. As he already did in his first episode at the Radialsystem V Berlin Ozdemir takes up the social taboo of eroticism, which offered since centuries countless material and motifs among various branches of art, packaged in an amazing multimedia show. Further information you can find here.



Grammis 2015, Circus Stockholm

Matti Bye: Nomination for the Swedish Grammis 2015


Matti Bye "Bethanien" (Tona Serenad Records) is nominated at Grammis 2015 (The Swedish Grammy Awards) for the Classical Album of the year. The awards ceremony will be held at the 25th February  at Circus in Stockholm.



Sundance Filmfestival

Dustin O'Halloran: Sundance Filmfestival Publikumspreis

“Umrika” the newest film scored by Dustin O’Halloran and directed by Prashant Nair won the Audience Award at Sundance Filmfestival. The award ceremony took place on the 1th February 2015.



CONCERT Grüner Salon, Berlin

Federico Albanese: Concert, Grüner Salon

Federico Albanese will present his much-noticed debut album "The Houseboat and the Moon" as well as new compositions on the 24th January in Berlin's Grüner Salon. Further information can be found here.




Golden Globe

Dustin O'Halloran: Golden Globe

For the series “Transperent”, created by Jill Soloway, wrote Dustin O’Halloran the score. The Series has won 2015 two Golden Globes- for Best Series and Best Actor in the TV Series Comedy/Musical category.




Burak Özdemir: Filmscore for Karim Aïnouz

Burak Özdemir wrote the score to a documentary directed by Karim Aïnouz . The movie about the spanish baroque painter Diego Velasquez will be shown 2015 on ARTE.




Matti Bye: Hydras Dream Stockholm Film Music Concert

On the 6th and 7th December, Matti Bye and Anna von Hausswolff will be performing their new compositions for the classic silent film "The Passion of Joan of Arc" by Carl Theodor Dreyer for the first time as a duo in Hydra's Dream. The premiere will take place in the Swedish Film Institute.



CONCERT, Superbudda Turin

Federico Albanese: Concert in Superbudda, Turin

In his first concert of the new year, Federico Albanese will be performing in Turin on the 6th January 2015 at Superbudda. The setlist will include new compositions as well as favourites from his much-noticed debut album "The Houseboat and the Moon". Further information can be found here.




Licensing: December 2014

Current licensing for the following productions: Federico Albanese's composition "Queen and Wonder" has been licensed for a fashion show by Philipp Lim, as well as the piece "Secret Room" for a fashion show by Ermanno Scervino. Further information on licensing can be found at our website.



THEATRE Berlin Sophiensäle

Ketan & Vivan Bhatti: Three Sisters music

The director Frank Krug and choreographer Davide Camplani from the Sascha Walz Companz have produced a music and dance theatre piece based looselz on motifs from Chekhov's "Three Sisters". The Bhattis wrote the music for this extraordinary interpretation with three Downs Syndrome actresses. The 5-piece music ensemble consists of Ketan Bhatti (drums, electronics), Milian Vogel (bass clarinet, electronics), Hannah Klein (viola), Andreas Voss cello) and Matthias Engler (percussion). Further information can be found here.



TOUR Europe

Federico Albanese: Autumn Tour

Federico Albanese will present his current album "The Houseboat and the Moon" as well as new pieces at his Autum 2014 tour. As a concluding highlight of his tour, Albanese will perform at the renowned Le Guess Who Festival in Utrecht. The concert dates are as follows:

19.11.14 Landau (GER): Universität Landau (Audimax)

20.11.14 Munich (GER): Glockenwerkstatt

21.11.14 Bielefeld (GER): Nummer Zu Platz

22.11.14 Utrecht (NL): Le Guess Who Festival



CONCERT Gedächtnis-Kirche Berlin

Burak Özdemir: Christmas Concert Gedächtnis-Kirche Berlin

Burak Özdemir präsentiert sein Bach-Album "The Silent Cantata" mit Solisten und seinem Ensemble Musica Sequenza in einem Weihnachtskonzert am 3. Dezember in der Berliner Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche. Tickets sowie weitere Infos erhalten Sie


Burak Özdemir presents his Bach album "The Silent Cantata" with soloists and his ensemble Musica Sequenza in a Christmas concert on the 3rd December in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche Berlin. Tickets and further information is available here.



THEATRE Schauspiel Frankfurt

Ketan & Vivan Bhatti: Peter Pan theatre music

For the new stage interpretation of Peter Pan by Michael Schweighöfer, the Bhattis have composed the music that will be played live by the Contrast Trio. Further information can be found at the following link.



CONCERT Netherlands

Matti Bye: Hydras Dream - Rewire Festival

Matti Bye's Duo-Project with Anna von Hausswolff "Hydras Dream" will perform for the first time at the Dutch Rewire Festival on 8th November. They will present their much-noticed debut album "The Little Match Girl" with musicians of Dungen. Further information can be found here.




Licensing October 2014

Recent music licensing for the following productions: Oliver Doerell's Dictaphone compositions have been licensed for Alain Deymier's film "La Maquina de los Sueños" as well as Swod for the film "Suicidal Notions" by the Egyptian director Eman El naggar. Further information about licensing can be found at our website.



CONCERT Berghain Berlin

Burak Özdemir: Rameau à la Turque Record Release

On the 23rd October, Burak Özdemir and Musica Sequenza present their extraordinary new project and album "Rameau à la Turque" at Berghain Berlin. Özdemir has arranged classical works by Rameau and Turkish composer Çavus, bridging the gap between western and eastern Europe. Further information can be found here.




John Gürtler: Filmmusikpreis for Best Song

John Gürtler has been awarded the "Best Song in Film" music prize in Halle for his song "What Love Is", which he composed for the award-winning family drama "Antons Fest" (2013) by John Kolya Reichart. Reasons given by the jury: the nominated song is featured as a type of epilogue at the end of the film. It is accurately produced, and has somewhat of an "earworm" quality. It gives the film a further new, fresh musical wind, that enriches it in the truest of senses.




PREMIERE Rome Film Festival, Hof International Film Festival

Benedikt Schiefer: Die Lügen der Sieger, Rome Film Festival & Hof International Film Festival

Benedikt Schiefer has written the score for Christoph Hochhäusler's current film, "Die Lügen der Sieger". Florian David Fitz stars in the political thriller as a journalist who discovers a scandal. "Die Lügen der Sieger" will have its world premiere at the Rome Film Festival, and on the 22nd October, its German premiere will take place during the Hof International Film Festival. The 2015 release date has not yet been confirmed.

Further information on the film can be found here.




Federico Albanese: Denovali Swingfest Essen

Federico Albanese performs at the Piano Pre-Evening as part of the Denovali Swingfestival Essen. The Italian experimental musician is a young star of Denovali Records. His sound lies somewhere between film music, pop, and ambient, and many already consider him to be a contemporary of Nils Frahm. Further information as well as tickets can be found at the following link.




Matti Bye: Music for "Chaplin"

Matti Bye has composed the music to the current Swedish theatre production of "Chaplin". The piece will be performed at the Örebro Länsteater until the end of October, and uniquely interprets the life and work of the peerless filmmaker and actor, Charlie Chaplin. Further information about the play can be found here.






Gürtler & Miserre: new composer duo at schneider+

From September 2014, the composer duo comprised of John Gürtler and Jan Miserre will be represented by schneider+. Gürtler and Miserre live and work in Berlin, and have already written music for numerous films and documentaries, including for Nicolas Steiner's film "Kampf der Königinnen" as well as the award-winning score for Benjamin Kahlmeyer's "Meanwhile in Mamelodi. An insight into our new composers music can be found here.


18 - 24/03/2015

TOUR Piano Interrupted

Piano Interrupted: Tour

Piano Interrupted will start its Germany-tour in March. Attached the concert dates:
19.03.15 Hannover (ger) – Feinkost Lampe

20.03.15 Hamburg (ger) - Golem

21.03.15 Berlin (ger) – Grüner Salon

22.03.15 Karlsruhe (ger) – Jubez

24.03.15 Dresden (ger) – Scheune

More details about its Germany-tour here.



SET  Störung Festival 10, Barcelona

Federico Albanese & StaffronKeira: Störung Festival 10

Frederico Albanese and SaffronKeira will be presenting on the 17th April an experimental Set at Störung Festival 10 in Barcelona. Further interesting Acts are  Murcof, Frank Bretschneider and Scanner.




Federico Albanese: Torstraßen Festival Berlin

In the context of the Torstraßen Festival Berlin, Federico Albanese performs his new album "The Houseboat and the Moon" on the 30th of August at 5.00 p.m. at the Waldo in Berlin.

Further information about the festival can be found here.




Matthew Herbert: "The Recording"

Matthew Herbert and his band are in residency in the Tischerlei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin for seven days in the middle of September. He is converting this space into a functioning recording studio, where he intends to compose, record and mix a full album entirely from scratch. Therefore, he invites the audience as well as special guests such as musicians, theorists and politicians to participate in this Open-Space-Interaction and take part in the creative process. The audience and the Opera delve into the role music plays in our daily lives or could play. On September 25th the collaboration will be celebrated at the Record Release Party.

Further information about this project can be found here.




Matti Bye: Best Film Music Award for "Faro"

Matti Bye has won this years Harpa Music Award for the Best Film Music. Bye's score for Fredrik Edfeldt's film "Faro/Sanctuary" was selected by the jury, who praised its "magical, emotional alchemy between the music and the images." After also winning this years Swedish Guldbaggen award, this is the second award that Bye has received for "Faro". Congratulations! Further information can be found at the following link.




Federico Albanese: Release Remix EP "The Houseboat and the Moon reworked"

Federico Albanese's debut album "The Houseboat and the Moon" is remixed by Cassegrain, John Lemke, Saffronkeira and Franz Kirman (Piano Interrupted). The reinterpretations are released at the end of August as the limited EP "The Houseboat and the Moon Reworked" at Denovali.



GERMAN PREMIERE Zollverein, Essen

Matthew Herbert: 20 Pianos

On the 23rd of August 2014, Matthew Herbert's current project "20 Pianos" celebrates its German premiere at Zollverein in Essen.
For his performance, Herbert photographed 20 unique and very different pianos from around the world, sampled their specific sound and collected short stories about their origin.
The resulting material is brought to stage along with two internationally acclaimed pianists, Sarah Nicolls and Sam Beste, in the form of improvisation and new compositions.
Further information and tickets can be found at this Link.




Burak Özdemir: Uckermärkische Musikwochen 2014

As part of the concert "Jean Marie Leclair meets Cole Porter" at the Uckermärkische Musikwochen 2014 Burak, Özdemir has arranged Cole Porter Songs for baroque instruments, and combines them with the classical work of the French composer Leclair.

Further information can be found here.





Federico Albanese: YouTube Video Release

The American music magazine "Under The Radar" presents the Youtube premiere of Federico Albanese's live video "Disclosed" from his new album "The Houseboat and the Moon".

Enclosed is the link to the video and the review by Under The Radar: "Federico Albanese creates delicate and sentimental compositions that a listener could get lost in. Check out the premiere of his suitably cinematic black and white video for album cut 'Disclosed'. Fans of Nils Frahm, you're going to want to get on this."



PREMIERE Ballet Theater Gera

Tom Hodge: Ballet "Waiting Room"

Commissioned by the Theatre & Philharmony, Tom Hodge has written an orchestral piece for Silvana Schröder's ballet "Waiting Room". The performance is accompanied by a live orchestra, and the premiere takes place on the 6th of June at the Theater Gera. More information can be found here.


19 & 25/04/2014


Piano Interrupted: Denovali Swingfest

Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann are on tour with the Denovali Swingfest. On Saturday 19th of April, they are performing in London at Cafe OTO, and on Friday 25th of April, in Berlin at Radialsystem V.



CONCERT Radialsystem V Berlin

Burak Özdemir: Zeitfenster - Biennale for Old Music

In the context of the Biennale for Old Music, Burak Özdemir and his ensemble Musica Sequenza are performing on the 3rd of March at Radial System V in Berlin.
More information can be found here.



RECORDING Studio P4, Berlin

Benedikt Schiefer: Score for "Lichtjahre"

Benedikt Schiefer is composing and producing the score for Christoph Hochhäusler's current film "Lichtjahre", which is shown in German cinemas from Autumn 2014.

The recordings will be made on the 1st of April in Berlin.


LICENSING for "Days in Maremma" by Jannik Splidsboel

Licensing Matti Bye

Music by Matti Bye will be licensed for the new documentary "Days in Maremma" by the Danish director Jannik Splidsboel.




Federico Albanese: Italy Tour

Federico Albanese is touring Italy from the 25th to the 30th of March. In this context he presents his debut album "The Houseboat and the Moon"

The full dates of his tour can be found here.




schneider+sync: newsletter

Current Music licensing for the following productions: Matti Bye for "Långt från Jordbro / Weit von Jordbro" by Rainer Hartleb and Federico Albanese's "The Secret Kitchen" for the corporate image film for Italian watch company "Mondia". Details about the licensing can be found on our website



PREMIERE Tempodrom Berlin

Ketan & Vivan Bhatti: „Flying Illusions“

On March 21st, the Flying Steps dance production “Flying Illusion” premieres at the Tempodrom Berlin. The Berlin Urban Dance Company Flying Steps are performing to incidental music composed by Ketan and Vivan Bhatti.



RECORDINGS Hamburg Steinway

Matthew Herbert: 20 Pianos

In the context of his current project "20 Pianos" Matthew Herbert recorded a brand new Steinway grand piano on the 11th of March in Hamburg.

For his performance, Herbert recorded the sound of 20 very different pianos from all over the world. Each piano tells its own story, that is shown in a documentary.

The premiere is on the 16th of May in Oxford.

More information can be found here.




Matti Bye: The 100-Year-Old Man

"The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared" with the score of Matti Bye is shown in German cinemas until the 20th March. The trailer for "The 100-Year-Old Man" can be found at the following link.




Burak Özdemir: Concert Barock Samples

In "Sampling Baroque", Özdemir and his ensemble Musica Sequenza enter into a musical dialogue between Baroque and the present age; between bourgeois concerts and club culture. As musical boundaries become more flexible and open, a new sound is formed out of Baroque and electronic, new music and pop, oriental and experimental music.

Followed by a set of DJ Ipek.



RELEASE CONCERT Grüner Salon, Berlin

Federico Albanese: "The Houseboat and The Moon"

Federico Albanese performs his new album "The Houseboat and The Moon" live on February 21st in the Grüner Salon of the Volksbühne Berlin. Other performances feature by Denovali label-mates Poppy Ackroyd and Sebastian Plano. Listen to the teaser at the following link.



PREMIERE BERLINALE Friedrichstadtpalast

Matti Bye: The 100-Year-Old Man

"The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared" celebrates its German premiere in the Berlinale Special Friedrichstadtpalast series at 9pm. The music by Matti Bye is nominated for the Swedish movie award Guldbaggen. The trailer for "The 100-Year-Old Man" can be found at the following link.




Ketan & Vivan Bhatti: Commercial "RBFI"

The Bhatti Brothers completed the music for the "Red Bull Flying Illusions" advert. The show of the same name, for which the Bhattis also composed and produced the music, by the Berlin urban dance company Flying Steps celebrates its premiere on the 21st of March in the Tempodrom.



PREMIERE THEATRE Deutsches Theater Berlin

Ketan & Vivan Bhatti: Tee im Harem des Archimedes

Ketan & Vivan Bhatti wrote the music for the theatre production "Tee Im Harem des Archimedes" and perform as musicians live on stage. In his new reinterpretation, director and author Nuran David Calis juxtaposes Mehdi Charefs successful novel of the same name from 1983 with biographies of refugees from 2014, their view on Europe and their experiences in contemporary Berlin. Further performances are given on the 12th and 24th of February.



PREMIERE CONCERT Umspannwerk Kreuzberg, Berlin

Burak Özdemir: Transmute Episode I

Burak Özdemir presents, together with his ensemble Musica Sequenza, his newest music series "Transmute", in cooperation with ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) and Umspannwerk Kreuzberg. Transmute stands for the interconnection of two different musical eras in an extraordinary electro-acoustic staging. More information are about the premiere is available here.



Movie award GULDBAGGEN Sweden

Matti Bye: Award best film score Faro

Matti Bye is nominated for two films, "Faro" and "The 100-year-old Man", for the Swedish Guldbaggen movie awards. Bye is also honored for his music for the father-daughter drama "Faro" with the Guldbaggen award. Congratulations!


16/ und 17/01/2014


Benedikt Schiefer: Bridging Beats + Superhorn

The vernissage of Benedikt Schiefers sound artwork "Bridging Beats" takes place on January 16th, and the exhibition lasts until February 2nd. On February 17th Benedikt Schiefer presents for Art's Birthday his electronic piece "SUPERHORN". More information on Bridging Beats can be found here and on the live performance here.

UPDATE: Video of the performance.




Federico Albanese: "Queen and Wonder"

Even before the release of the much anticipated debut album of Federico Albanese, his music is already available. The track "Queen and Wonder" from the album "The Houseboat and The Moon", that is released on the 28th of February, can be downloaded for free following this link.  





Matti Bye: Double nomination for Best Filmscore Guldbaggen 2014

Matti Bye is nominated for the Swedish Guldbaggen Awards for two productions: the film "Faro" and the adaptation of the bestselling "The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared". Watch the trailers for "The 100-Year-Old Man" and "Faro".



CONCERT Radialsystem V Berlin

Burak Özdemir: Concert in Radialsystem V

On December 31st Burak Özdemir is playing with his ensemble Musica Sequenza at Radialsystem V. The young ensemble will perform the electro-acustic baroque-opera "Fuga - The Electro-Baroque Opera" in which baroque music is fused with oriental melodies, jazzy motifs and electronic rhythms. Özdemir builds bridges between different musical poles: Italian baroque meets contemporary sounds; historical baroque instruments fused with synthesiser and beats.

Subsequent aftershow-party with Burak Özdemir and DJ Ipek.



PREMIERE FILM Denmark, Sweden

Matti Bye: Premiere of "The 100-Year-Old Man"

On December 25th the premiere of the movie "The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared" will be celebrated in Denmark and Sweden. Matti Bye wrote the score for this film. The expected release date for Germany is March 20th 2014.



CONCERT The Startup Gallery, Berlin 

Burak Özdemir: Pre-Opening Concert

On December 14th Burak Özdemir will perform together with his ensemble Musica Sequenza for the pre-opening of the Startup Gallery. The concert will be the fourth Episode "Il Prete Rosso" in the Sound Specific series. The Ensemble will play music from the Italien Seicento. More information is on the Facebook event page.




Matti Bye: New Album "Bethanien"

On December 6th "Bethanien" by Matti Bye will be released as his first piano solo album on the only-vinyl-label Tona Serenad. Bye wrote the music for the album over the past two years, commuting between Berlin and Stockholm. He was inspired for "Bethanien" by a dream about a piano in a sunken ship. "Bethanian" can be ordered here.




Licensing of Federico Albanese

Federico Albaneses composition "The Secret Kitchen" has been licensed for the campaign of the Italian watch company "MONDIA". The commercial can be seen here



CONCERT C3 Festival Essen

Piano Interrupted & Matthew Herbert at the C3 Festival

On November 8th Matthew Herbert and Piano Interrupted will perform at the C3 Festival - Club Contemporary Classical at UNESCO Welterbe Zollverein in Essen.

Piano Interrupted is the brain child of the pianist Tom Hodge and the electro musician Franz Kirmann. Hodge's piano playing is inspired by classical minimalism and improvised jazz. Kirmann will sample, arrange and combine the piano playing with electronics live at the perfomance - acoustic and digital worlds appear in front of the audience's eyes, entering in a short dialogue with each other and melding to form a unique live experience.

Matthew Herbert presents his new album "End of Silence" at the C3 Festival.

For more information click here.



CONCERT Luftraum Berlin

"Winter in Tanger": a concert of the Tanger Trio

On December 3rd at 8pm the Tanger Trio is presenting their debut album with the Ensemble Mondaine at Luftraum Berlin. Tanger Trio is a musical project by Hansjörn Brandenburg (among others Robert Wilson, Tiger Lillies, Tom Waits, Rufus Wainwright, Coco Rosie) and Thomas Wydler (Nick Cave, Die Haut).
The Piano Trio plus string and wind ensemble invites you to a lounge concert with Jazz music, classical modernism and Cinema Noir Soundtracks. Click here to listen to excerpts of the album.



CONCERT Approximation Festival Düsseldorf

Piano Interrupted at the Approximation Festival

On November 27th Piano Interrupted is performing at the Approximation Festival in Düsseldorf at the Salon des Amateurs. The musicians create an unique live- perfomance experience in a newly created world between digital and acoustic, between electronics and modern piano music.
At the Approximation Festival plays Piano Interrupted as quartet (Violoncello: Gerg Hall; drums: Eric Young).

For more information click here.



CONCERT Waldo Berlin

Concert: Piano Interrupted with Federico Albanese

On November 24th Piano Interrupted is presenting their new album "The Unifield Field" at a concert at Waldo in Berlin. The concert will be opened by Federico Albanese who is playing excerpts out of his upcoming debut album "The Houseboat and the Moon" for the first time.
Watch an incredible live video of Federico Albanese's debut album here.





Burak Özdemir: "Bach The Silent Cantata"

On November 19th Burak Özdemir and his ensemble Musica Sequenza will celebrate their new album: “Bach: The Silent Cantata” with a record release concert at Club Berghain Berlin. After the concert there will be an electro-acoustic set with Özdemir and DJ "Juli n More".

"Bach: The Silent Cantata" is an impressive reinterpretation of J.S.Bach's cantatas by the bassoonist Burak Özdemir and his young baroque ensemble Musica Sequenza. In the new interpretation the bassoon plays in place of the vocals and shows new facets and an as yet undiscovered emotional strength of the Bach cantatas.




Burak Özdemir: „Bach: The Silent Cantata“

On November 15th Burak Özdemir and his ensemble Musica Sequenza will celebrate the record release of their new album „Bach: The Silent Cantata“, which will be released on the label „Deutsche Harmonia Mundi".




Radio documentary SWR2 about Benedikt Schiefer

On November 4th a documentary about Benedikt Schiefer will be aired on SWR2 JetztMusik. The occasion is the Giga-Hertz Prize for electronic music which Schiefer obtained in 2012. With this related was the new composition of the cycle "Azoth oder das große Werk" for Player Disc Piano and live electronics. At the ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe (Centre for Art and Media Technology) was the world premiere of the first part "Bruchstück, chaos veterum" of this cycle.

For more information click here.




Benedikt Schiefer aka Ben Hereth: Franz Ferdinand Remix

Benedikt Schiefer aka Ben Hereth has made a remix for the band Franz Ferdinand. Click here to listen to the remix.




Mocky: New composer at schneider+

Another new arrival at schneider+ is the Canadian musician, producer and composer Mocky.
Mocky, who moved from Berlin to Los Angeles last year, is especially popular for his cooperations, among others with Gonzales, Jamie Lidell, Feist and Peaches and also as a member of the group Puppetmastaz. Mocky composed the filmscore for „UFO In Her Eyes“ by Xiaolu Guo.
Click here for more information about Mocky and music by Mocky.




Paul Haslinger: new composer at schneider+

The Austrian-born composer and musician Paul Haslinger will be represented by schneider+ from November.
Haslinger lives and works in Los Angeles and has composed the music for many films and computer games, including "The Three Musketeers“ (2011), "Shoot ´Em Up“ (2007), "Crank“ (2006), "Far Cry Instincts: Evolution“ (2006), "Far Cry Instincts“ (2005), "Underworld“ (2003) and "Crazy/Beautiful“ (2001).
For a first musical impression of our new composer click here.




Piano Interrupted: new album "The Unified Field"

On October 25th Denovali Records will release the new album "The Unified Field" by Piano Interrupted. Piano Interrupted is the brain child of Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann. The musicians fuse different musical worlds: classic, minimalism and improvised jazz meet electronica, pop and techno. The cellist Greg Hall and the double bass player Tim Fairhall expand the duo to a quartet from time to time.




SOUND PERFORMANCE "IBA Project Show 2013" Basel Switzerland

Benedikt Schiefer: "Brücken/Schlagen"

Benedict Schiefer's largest spatial composition will let the border triangle sound during the "IBA Project Show 2013" on October 18th. Schiefer's composition "Brücken/Schlagen" is a near-far choreography, in which an acoustic signal is produced. The sound sources form both unamplified instruments, like the Basel drumming, and the ship horns and bells, which are modified by live electronic music and serve as the starting material. An extraordinary boat ride through music - "Brücken/Schlagen" - in cooperation with the IBA Basel 2020 and Transborder.




Ketan & Vivan Bhatti: Recording for Flying Steps

On the23rd and 24th of September the recording for the current Flying Steps production will take place at the B-Sharp studio in Berlin in cooperation with the Berlin Music Ensemble. Ketan and Vivan Bhatti compose the incidental music for the production "Flying Illusions".The premiere of the dance show will be in March 2014.



SONG SELECTION for CD-Compilation Wire Magazine

Matti Bye: Wire Magazine

For the CD-Compilation, the Wire-Magazine selected a song from Matti Bye's current piano solo album "Europa" in the current 354. issue. 'Written and composed between Stockholm and Berlin over the last two years, "Europa" was initially inspired by a dream about a piano in a sunken ship, and takes the listener on a lyrical journey into the world of dreams and illusions.' Click here to play one of his songs.




Harry Escott: new composer at schneider+

The composer Harry Escott will be represented by schneider+ in cooperation with our associated agency Manners McDade starting August 2013. Harry Escott is currently working on the score to a contemporary adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s "The Selfish Giant" for the director of "The Arbor", Clio Barnard.




schneider+sync: newsletter

Current Music licensing for the following productions: Matti Bye for "Holiday In Maremma" by Jannik Splidsboel, Benedikt Schiefer for "Away from all suns / Away From All Suns" by Isabella Willinger and Friedrich Hollaender for "The Circle" by Stefan Haupt. Hauschka & Hildur Gudnadottirs "Black 6" was licensed for the theater play "Out Of Body" by Julio César Iglesias Ungo. Details about the licensing can be found here.





Burak Özdemir: Concert on "Berlin Light Art Projects"

On October 6th Burak Özdemir and his ensemble Musica Sequenza are performing on the opening of the "Berlin Light Art Projects". The concert will be taking place at the St Elisabeth- Kirche Berlin at 8 p.m.



CONZERT Audioriver Festival Poland

Tom Hodge: "Piano Interrupted"

Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann and their common project "Piano Interrupted" have been added to the Audioriver Festival line-up in Plock, Poland, on July 26th. For further information about the concert and the festival, please click here.




Burak Özdemir: "Dialoge 20-13" by Sasha Waltz & Guests

On July 7th the musician and composer Burak Ozdemir, dancer and choreographer Sasha Waltz and some dancers of her company and artist Guillaume Bruere as well will enter into an artistic dialogue. The performance of "Dialogues 20-13", in the frame of the Festival d'Avignon as one of the largest international events for contemporary theater, will start on July 7th at 7pm. For further information, please click here.



FILMPREMIERE Shanghai Film Festival

Federico Albanese: „Shadows In The Distance“, Orlando Bosch

Federico Albenese has written the score for „Shadows In The Distance“ by Orlando Bosch. The movie will celebrate its premiere at the Shanghai Film Festival. It is about a love story between an East German woman book seller and an Italian radio presenter, who are struggling with cultural issues.



PREMIERE PERFORMANCE Ensemble Musica Sequenza Zionskirche Berlin

Burak Özdemir: "Sound Specific: Episode I"

Burak Özdemir and musicians of his ensemble Musica Sequenza will give the premiere of "Sound Specific: Episode I : Music of Seicente" at the Zionskirche Berlin on June 15th at 7.30pm. With Vera Kardos (baroque violin), Marianna Henriksson (Cembalo), Burak Özdemir and dulzian (director). For further information, please click here.



Portrait 7.20 pm Kulturzeit 3Sat

Matthew Herbert in "Kulturzeit" on 3Sat

On 3Sat you can see a portrait about Matthew Herbert, especially about his premiere of "The End of Silence" at the Achtbrücken-Festival in Cologne. More informations you can find here.

Photograph: Kloos & Co. Medien GmbH


PREMIERE 14th May DOK.fest Munich

Benedikt Schiefer: "Away from all Suns"

The music by Benedikt Schiefer has been licensed for the new documentary "Away from all Suns" by the director Isabella Willinger. The film will have its premiere at the DOK.fest in Munich on May 14th. Further information you can find here.



GERMAN PREMIERE Cologne Philharmonic Hall

Matthew Herbert: "The End of Silence" (2012)

On May 6th the Matthew Herbert Quartett presents the German premiere version of "The End of Silence" at the festival "ACHT BRÜCKEN | Musik für Köln". Starting point for Herbert's music is the sound recording of a bombardment of the Libyan Air Force in 2011. In cooperation with c / o pop and stargaze. For more information, please click here.




Ketan & Vivan Bhatti: new composers at schneider+

In cooperation with the Agency Velvet, the two composers Ketan & Vivan Bhatti will be represented by schneider+ starting May 2013. The brothers work as composers and production team in the areas of stage music, film music and musical theater. They are currently working on a project with the Urban Dance Crew Flying Steps.



CONZERT Kammermusiksaal Berlin Philharmonie

VIRTUOSITY - A project by Augustin Maurs

In collaboration with the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin and the Chor der Kulturen der Welt, Augustin Maurs invites eight international visual artists to create new works investigating the situation of a “concert” in the Berlin Philharmonie – the architectural masterpiece of German architect Hans Scharoun and one of the most exquisite concert halls in the world. With Saâdane Afif, Bethan Huws, Christoph Keller, Annika Larsson, Klara Lidén, Olaf Nicolai, Tracey Rose & Tino Sehgal. Further information you can find here.



RELEASE         Albums         Denovali Records

Piano Interrupted: Album releases 2013

The latest Album "Two by Four" by Piano Interrupted will be re-released as a 2x12 LP with additional bonus tracks on Denovali Records. A new album by P.I. is announced to be released in autumn 2013, also on Denovali Records.


15/03/- 17/11/13

SOUND INSTALLATION  Bern Historical Museum

Benedikt Schiefer: sound installation for the exhibition "QIN"

Benedikt Schiefer created a sound installation for the exhibition "Qin - The Immortal Emperor and his Terracotta Warriors" at the Bern Historical Museum. The exhibition will be held from March 15th to November 17th.  For more information about the exhibition, click here.

Photograph: Filmstill Faro/Sanctuary, Fredrik Edfeldt


PREMIERE  15th March

Matti Bye: "Faro/Sanctuary"

Matti Bye has written the filmscore for "Faro/Sanctuary" by the Swedish director Fredrik Edfeldt. The film had its premiere at the Göteborg International Film Festival and was nominated for the Dragon Award in the Best Nordic Film category.  "Faro/Sanctuary" will be released in Sweden on March 15th. Here you can watch the trailer for the film.

Photograph: Mantaray Film


LICENSING          "Days in Maremma"

Matti Bye: "Days in Maremma"

Several songs by Matti Bye have been licensed for the new documentary "Days in Maremma" by the Danish director Jannik Splidsboel. The movie premieres on the 14th of february. An exact date for the German premiere is not yet released. 



WORLD PREMIERE Film Festival  Berlinale

Max Richter: "La Religieuse" at the 63. Berlinale

Max Richter has written the score for Guillaume Nicloux's new movie "La Religieuse". The movie has it's world premiere during the 63rd Berlinale. The movie is also taking part in the competition. The main actors are Isabelle Huppert and Martina Gedeck. Learn more about the movie and the Berlinale



PREMIERE "Lifelong" Festival Berlinale

Burak Özdemir: "Lifelong"

On February 9th "Lifelong", the new film by director Asli Özge, will have its premiere during the 63rd Berlinale. The film was produced by Razorfilm and will be shown in the Berlinale Panorama Selection. Especially for the film, Burak Özdemir composed the song "Dark Chocolate". Further information you can find here.



PERFORMANCE     Thalia Theater      Hamburg    

Matthew Herbert: One Day

Matthew Herbert will perform a November issue of weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg on the 8th of february. He will be supported by the Ensemble Resonanz. This unique concert will take place during the Elbjazz-Festival and the "Lessing-Tage" of the Thalia Theater. Here you can watch the making of "One Day".



PREMIERE      Festival

Dustin O'Halloran: Sundance Film Festival 2013

Dustin O'Halloran has written the score for Drake Doremus' new movie called "Breathe In". The movie will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2013 and won't take part in the competition. Get more information on the movie and the Sundance Film Festival 2013.



Concert        Radialsystem V     Berlin

Piano Interrupted: German premiere

Piano Interrupted, the joint project of pianist Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann, will give their first appearance in Germany at the Radialsystem V Berlin. the act is completed by Greg Hall on violoncello and Eric Young on percussion. The second act of the night is german percussionist Sven Kacirek. Learn more about the event here, tickets are available here.



CONCERT                 Radialsystem V Berlin

Burak Özdemir: World premiere "The New Four Seasons"

Bassoonist Burak Özdemir and his baroque ensemble Musica Sequenza will give the world premiere of "Vivaldi: The New Four Seasons" at the Radialsystem V Berlin. After the performance of the "New Four Seasons" Burak Özdemir will play an electro-acoustic set together with DJ Ipek. Here are further information on the event, tickets can be purchased here.



CONCERT           ZKM                  Karlsruhe    

Benedikt Schiefer: Giga-Hertz Award

Last year Benedikt Schiefer received the Giga-Hertz Award for electronical music. The composition of a new piece is mandatory in order to receive the award. The world premiere of the first part "Bruchstück, chaos veterum" of the cycle "Azoth oder das große Werk" for disklavier and elektronics will be first performed at the ZKM Karlsruhe on the evening of november 24.




CONCERT      Barbican      London

Max Richter: "Recomposed: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons"

The UK premiere of Max Richter's "Recomposed: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons" will take place at the Barbican Centre London. Daniel Hope will play the solo violin and André de Ridder will conduct the London Sinfonietta Orchestra. Further information on the event can be found here. The release concert at the Berghain was already a huge success.



PRODUCTION        "Götter wie wir"

Burak Özdemir: "Götter wie wir"

Burak Özdemir composed the music for the opening and the ending credits for the new series by Christian Strauch. The series called "Götter wie wir", which deals with important topics of mankind in several short episodes, will premiere on the network ZDF.kultur on october 7. Each episode has a brilliant cast and promises to be good entertainment, further information is available here.

Photograph: Erik Weiss



Max Richter: "The Nun"

Max Richter's score music for Guillaume Nicloux's movie "The Nun" will be recorded at Babelsberg Filmstudios with the Filmorchester Babelsberg on september 24. The german-french co-production is starring Isabelle Huppert and Martina Gedeck in the leading roles. The release date is planned for 2013.

Photograph: Universal


CONCERT        Grünspan        Hamburg       

Max Richter: "The Four Seasons" concert

There will be another concert of Max Richters "Recomposed by Max Richter. Vivaldi - The Four Seasons" as part of the Reeperbahnfestival on september 20. It will be a part of the "Yellow Lounge" Series. The Hamburg Symphonic Orchestra and the solo violinist Elfa Run Kristinsdottir will be conducted by André de Ridder. 

Photograph: Universal


RELEASE CONCERT Berghain        Berlin

Max Richter: "The Four Seasons" - Recomposed

At September 4th will be the release concert of Max Richters album "Recomposed by Max Richter. Vivaldi-The Four Seasons", that will be released by Deutsche Grammophon on August 31st, at Berghain Berlin as part of the Yellow Lounge. The concert is performed with Konzerthausorchester Berlin and Daniel Hope will take the part of the solo violin. The concert´s conductor will be Jonathan Stockhammer. Piano player Francesco Tristano and the Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble are announced as special guest of the evening.

Photograph: Razor


PREMIERE         Film Festival     Venice     

Max Richter: Premiere "Wadjda"

"Wadjda", the film of saudi-arabian film maker Haifaa Al Mansour, will have its premiere  at Venice International Fim Festival on 31th. August. The film will be shown in the context of "orizzonti -  new trends in cinema" and is the first feature film ever that was made in Saudi Arabia. The music for "Wadjda" was composed by Max Richter.

Photograph: Universal


PREVIEW            "The Four Seasons" Recomposed

Max Richter: Preview "The Four Seasons" Recomposed

On August 31st Max Richter´s Album "Recomposed by Max Richter. Vivaldi - The Four Seasons" will be released on Deutsche Grammophon. For the Recomposed Series Richter rearranged several parts of "The Four Seasons" and added some of his own compositions. The album was recorded with soloist Daniel Hope, conductor André de Ridder and the Konzerthausorchester Berlin. The preview of the album can be seen here.




Max Richter: "Disconnect"

On August 17th will be the recording for "Disconnect", the film of american director Henrx Alex Rubin. The music for the film was composed by Max Richter. The release of the film, starring actors Alexander Skarsgard and Jason Bateman, is planned for 2013.




Max Richter: "Wadjda"

On August 10th. the recrding of Max Richter´s filmscore for "Wadjda"will take place in Trixx studio Kreuzberg. The film of saudi-arabian director Haifaa Al-Mansour about the young girl Wadjda, who wants to learn to ride a bicycle against all social conventions, will be released in German theatres in 2012.



PREMIERE         Film Festival      Locarno

Max Richter: Filmpremiere "Lore"

On August 2nd Cate Shortlands war drama "Lore" had its premiere at 65th. International Filmfestival Locarno. The film was supported by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung and won the Audience Award Prix du Public UBS. The film music was composed by Max Richter. The film will be shown in german cinemas from november 1st. The trailer can be seen here.



PREMIERE        Film Festival      San Francisco   

Matti Bye: "Pandora's Box" Filmscore

Matti Bye is currently working on a new score for the silent film "Pandora's Box" from director Georg Wilhelm Pabst. This newly restored edition of the famous film starring Louise Brooks will premier at the San Fransisco Film Festival in the Castro Theatre on the 14th of july.



CONCERT Crescendo Festival

Burak Ozdemir: "Bach: The Silent Cantata" UdK concert

On june 2nd 2012 the bassoonist Burak Ozdemir and his baroque ensemble Musica Sequenza will present their latest program 'Bach: The Silent Cantata' within the Crescendo Festival at the Berlin University of the Arts. Ozdemir's reworked Bach cantatas for solo bassoon and orchestra already delighted at their premiere on the 12th of may at the Zionskirche Berlin. For more information on the festival please visit the official Crescendo site.




Max Richter: Vivaldi Recomposed video showcase

Max Richter's recomposed "Vivaldi - Four Seasons" for the Deutsche Grammophon will be presented in a videoshowcase at the music exhibition Classical:Next in Munich. The video will give interresting insights on the production including the soloist Daniel Hope, the conductor André de Ridder and the Konzerthausorchester Berlin. The video showcase will be shown at the Vortragssaal in the Gasteig at 2:30 pm. For more information on Classical:Next please visit this page




Augustin Maurs: "SOLO Bach Suites Exhibited" videoshowcase

Augustin Maurs' project 'SOLO Bach Suites Exhibited' will be presented at the international music exhibition Classical:Next in Munich on june 1st. In his videoshowcase Maurs talks about the evolution of the project, its reception by the audience and his very personal experiences on interpreting the suites in obscurity. The video showcase will be shown at the Vortragssaal in the Gasteig at 2 pm. For further information on the event and on the schedule please visit this site.



Promotion TV

Max Richter: TV Report in "aspekte"

This friday the cultural magazine "aspekte" showed a TV report about Max Richter and his musical work. The report will still be available for a longer time in the ZDF Mediathek.




Benedikt Schiefer: new composer at schneider+

The Berlin and Basel based composer Benedikt Schiefer will be represented by schneider+ starting may 2012. The eclectic artist already composed various film scores, including the score for the award-winning 'Unter dir die Stadt' by Christoph Hochhäusler. Schiefer is a multifaceted composer and artist, he works in genre-crossing realms such as soundinstallations, microtonal compositions, serious music and in electronic music, the latter produced under his alias 'Ben Hereth'.



ALBUM RELEASE  Piano Interrupted

Tom Hodge: Piano Interrupted "Papa Hedi" EP

The project Piano Interrupted by pianist and composer Tom Hodge and electronic musician Franz Kirmann will release a new EP on the 14th of may. The EP entitled ’Papa Hedi’ and will exclusively be available as a digital download via Photogram Recordings. On its four tracks the duo consequently continue their musical exploration trip equipped with piano and laptop. Piano-fragments inspired by minimal, classical and jazz once again collide with clicks, cuts and deconstructed beats. The new EP can be heard and purchased via this link.



CONCERT Zionskirche    Berlin

Burak Ozdemir: "Bach - The Silent Cantata" concert

The bassoonist and composer Burak Ozdemir will play an exclusive concert with his baroque ensemble Musica Sequenza on the 12th of may at the Zionskirche Berlin. The new program called ’The Silent Cantata’ features shows the musicians interpreting carefully selected Cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach, letting the bassoon replace all the vocal parts. Reservations can be send to, tickets can be purchased at Ticket-Max in the Kastanienallee 73 in Berlin, in the internet via CTS Eventim and at all known advance booking offices.



PREMIERE      Royal Opera House London

Max Richter: "SUM" Opera premiers on 23.05.

Max Richter's opera ’SUM’ will premiere on the 23rd of May at the Royal Opera House in London in collaboration with the choreographer Wayne McGregor. The libretto is based on David Eagleman’s cult book ’SUM: Tales From The Afterlives’. Richter and McGregor have already collaborated before, for the dance piece ’INFRA’. More information on the piece, tickets, and the dates of performance can be found on this page.




Dustin O'Halloran: Filmscore for new Doremus film

On the 2nd of May Dustin O‘Halloran is recording his score for Drake Doremus’ new film. O’Halloran previously collaborated with Doremus by contributing the score for the film 'Like Crazy' which won the Grand Prize at the Sundance Festival. Doremus’ current film stars Guy Pearce and Felicity Jones.

Photograph: Yulia Mahr

28 & 29/04/12

INSTALLATION  Collaboration with Random International and Wayne McGregor

Max Richter: "Future Self"

Max Richter contributed the music for the art project 'Future Self'. This collaboration with the artist collective Random International and the choreographer Wayne McGregor creates an interactive sculpture, using mirrors and light reflections, to blur the boundaries between performance and installation. 'Future Self' will premiere on the 28th of April, followed by three performances on the 29th of April in the MADE Gallery Berlin.


Photograph: Bubu Productions


ALBUM RELEASE Musica Sequenza

Burak Ozdemir: Musica Sequenza Album

On the 16th of March 2012 the baroque ensemble Musica Sequenza released their debut album on Sony Music under the artistic director Burak Ozdemir. The record "Vivaldi - The New Four Seasons" shows the young ensemble interpreting four bassoon concertos by the famous baroque composer, and brings a fresh new sight on the famous opus. In a recent album review, the German magazine STERN honoured the release with four stars.



LICENSING "Prometheus" international trailer

Max Richter: 'Prometheus' Trailer

Max Richter's 'Sarajevo' is featured in the trailer for 'Prometheus', the new film by Sir Ridley Scott. This specially-commissioned version of Richter's song was arranged and conducted by Jeremy Holland-Smith.The impressive trailer can be found here

Photograph: Bubu Productions



Burak Ozdemir: New composer at schneider+

From March 2012 the bassoonist and composer Burak Ozdemir is being represented by schneider+. Ozdemir's musical work moves harmoniously between baroque, jazz and electronic music. His compositions range from electro-acoustic works for ensembles and musical productions for dance, theatre and film, to works for mixed media projects, for which he has been recognised various times.



PROJECT MANAGEMENT "Four Seasons"   Recomposed

Max Richter: "Four Seasons" Recomposed

On the 12th and 13th of March Max Richter's "Four Seasons" will be recorded for the Recomposed-Series of the Deutsche Grammophon. Richter's re-interpretation of the Vivaldi piece will be performed by the soloist Daniel Hope and the Konzerthausorchester Berlin, conducted by André de Ridder.



LICENSING Theater Magdeburg

Licensing Max Richter

For the ballet soirée "Dancing in the City" at Theater Magdeburg six pieces by Max Richter were licensed. The choreography is by Gonzalo Galguera and Paul Julius. The premiere of "Dancing in the City" will be held on 24/02/2012.




Dustin O'Halloran: Now Is Good

On 11/02/12 the recording of Dustin O'Halloran's score for Ol Parker's drama "Now Is Good" will take place. The lead role is played by Dakota Fanning, and the release of the film is at the end of 2012.



PREMIERE      Berlinale

Max Richter: Spain

"Spain", the film directed by Anja Salomonowitz and scored by Max Richter, will premiere at the Berlinale Film Festival.



CONCERT             HAU                    Berlin

Matthew Herbert: ONE PIG live

Matthew Herbert is on tour in Europe with his album "ONE PIG", released in 2011. "ONE PIG" is the story of one anonymous farm animal's life from birth to plate. On 07/02/12 Herbert will perform in Berlin at Hebbel am Ufer 1. Further concerts in Germany: 05/02/12 Leipzig, 06/02/12 Heidelberg, 08/02/12 Hamburg.



LICENSING Benjamin Millepied

Licensing Max Richter

Two pieces of Max Richter's Infra are licensed for the dancing piece "This Part In Darkness" by Benjamin Millepied. The choreography is performed from the 17th to the 23rd December 2011 by Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon. Millepied is renowned for his choreography for the Oscar-winning drama "Black Swan" by Darren Aronofsky.




Max Richter: "Sarah's Key"

Max Richter wrote the score for Gilles Paquet-Brenner's latest film "Sarah's Key". The adaption of Tatiana de Rosnay's novel "Elle s'appelait Sarah" premieres in Germany on the 15th December 2011. 




Max Richter: Movie Start Perfect Sense

David Mackenzie’s new movie „Perfect Sense“, starts in the German cinemas on 08/12/11. The score, written by Max Richter can be purchased on iTunes from 24/10/11.



SOCIAL MEDIA schneider+

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 CONCERT        Maria Matos  Teatro Muncipal  Lisbon

Max Richter: Maria Matos Teatro Muncipal Lisbon

Together with a string quintet, Max Richter plays compositions from his latest album "INFRA" live in the Maria Matos Teatro Muncipal in Lisboa. His performance is accompanied by Julian Opie's visuals. 



PROMOTION Soundtrack Cologne

Joris De Man - Soundtrack Cologne

Joris de Man, composer and sound designer, offers an insight into the creation of the score for KILLZONE, one of SONY’s most successful video games. Using video and audio material he explains the entire process – from spotting and initial sketches to the final recording with orchestra. De Man has worked with, among others, Louis Andriessen and Peter Eötvös.



LICENSING Ferrero Commercial

Arling & Cameron: Ferrero Commercial

Ferrero licensed the song "How About The Boys" by Arling & Cameron from the album "All-In" for its new commercial. The commercial starts on 04.10.11 and is expected to air for two years.




schneider+: Associated office London Manners McDade

We are pleased to announce that Manners McDade in London is our future associated office from September 2011. Due to the long years of excellent cooperation between the British artist agency Manners McDade and schneider+ we have developed the idea for an intense collaboration. From now on Schneider+ will represent the British composers Matthew Herbert, Adrian Johnston and Joby Talbot in Germany, France and Italy.



LICENSING        IKEA Commercial

Dustin O`Halloran: IKEA Commercial

The furniture store IKEA licenses Dustin O'Halloran`s "We Move Lightly" composition from his current album "Lumiere" for their new commercial.



CONCERT          Soho House        Berlin

Dustin O'Halloran: SOHO House Berlin

Dustin O'Halloran will perform live at SOHO House in Berlin. Together with a string quartet he presents pieces from his album "Lumiere", that was released in March 2011, as well as some of his film scores.

Photograph: Unknown


CONCERT         Music Festival    Verucchio

Nils Frahm: Verucchio Music Festival

At the invitation of Ludovico Einaudi, Nils Frahm is performing at the Verucchio Music Festival, which takes place under the artistic direction of the Italian pianist.


Photograph: Ana Kras


LICENSING Stuttgarter Staatsballett

Dustin O´Halloran: Stuttgarter Staatsballett

The Stuttgarter Staatsballett licenses Dustin O'Halloran's composition "Piano Solos Opus 28" for a choreography by Douglas Lee. The premiere is on June 30th 2011 in the Theaterhaus Stuttgart, further performances are on July 1, 2 and 3, 2011.



PREMIERE          Film Festival    Cannes

Max Richter: "Impardonnables"

Max Richter wrote the score for André Téchiné's latest Film "Impardonnables". The adaption of Philippe Djian's corresponding novel premiered at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. In the context of the premiere, Max Richter has given an interview to arte about his work on the score.

Photograph: Razor Film Produktion


PREMIERE        "Womb"

Max Richter: "Womb"

Max Richter composed the score for the film "Womb" by Benedek Fliegauf.

Photograph: Anri Sala


CONCERT            HAU 2              Berlin

Ari Benjamin Meyers: "Symphony X"

"Symphony X" is a work of symphonic scale that combines elements of hardcore, experimental, and minimal music to create a unique musical landscape.

Photograph: FatCat



Dustin O'Halloran

Dustin O´Halloran will perform a taster from his new album "Lumiere" to mark the album's release.

Special Guest: Greg Haines

Aftershow DJ: Robert Lippok

Photograph: FatCat



Dustin O'Halloran: "Lumière"

Dustin O´Halloran presents his new album "Lumiere".



"The Congress"

Max Richter: "The Congress"

Casting of the musicians Max Knoth (bass) and Martin Wenk (trumpet) for a concert sequence in Ari Folman's current production "The Congress".

Photograph: Matthias Schneider



Max Richter: "The Congress"

Organisation of the recording of Max Richter´s score for the film "The Congress" by Ari Folman, with Robin Wright (vocals), Max Knoth (bass) and Martin Wenk von Calexico (trumpet), Charlie Megira (guitar) and Michal Kahn (drums).



RECORDING        SUPERVISION    "ITV" Advertisement

Dustin O’Halloran: Advertisement "ITV"

Production of Dustin O’Halloran´s recordings for an "ITV" advertisement.




"La Prima Linea"

Lucky Red

Max Richter: "La Prima Linea"

Organisation of the recording of Max Richters score for Renato de Maria´s film "La Prima Linea".



RECORDING  SUPERVISION       "SKY" Advertisement

Dustin O’Halloran: Advertisement "Sky"

Production of Dustin O’Halloran´s recordings for a "Sky" advertisement.






Max Richter: "Womb"

Organisation of recording of Max Richter´s score for Benedek Fliegauf´s film "Womb".



LIVE FILM CONCERT Volksbühne           Berlin

Max Richter: "Waltz With Bashir"

Max Richter and the Dresdner Symphonic orchestra provided live musical accompaniment to the film for the first time, in the Berlin Voksbühne.  Richter performed a taster of his current works with his ensemble after the film concert.

Photograph: Super Crispy Entertainment


AWARD          Grand Jury Prize Sundance Film Festival 2011

Dustin O´Halloran: "Like Crazy"

"Like Crazy" (2011), a love-story by director Drake Doremus set to film music by Dustin O´Halloran, has won the Grand Jury Prize at this year´s Sundance Film Festival.

Photograph: Clearcut Productions


AWARD           Sundance Film Festival 2011

Max Richter: "How to die in Oregon"

Peter Richardson´s feature-length documentary "How to die in Oregon" (2011) describes the issues surrounding assisted-suicide in the US state of Oregon. Max Richter´s soundtrack only serves to strengthen the impact of the film´s unique atmosphere. This film was awarded Grand Prize for best documentary at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011. 

Photograph: Sigma Films Ltd.


PREMIERE         Film Festival      Sundance 2011

Max Richter: "Perfect Sense“

Max Richter wrote the score for David MacKenzie´s latest film „Perfect Sense“.

Photograph: Super Crispy Entertainment


PREMIERE          Film Festival     Sundance 2011

Dustin O´Halloran: "Like Crazy"

Dustin O´Halloran wrote the film score for Drake Doremus´ most recent film "Like Crazy" (2011). The film was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (USA).

Photograph: Matthias Schneider


SCORE SUPERVISION "Impardonnables"

Max Richter: "Impardonnables"

Max Richter during the recording of his film score for André Téchinés´ latest film „Impardonnables“ in the Babelsberg Filmstudios.

Photograph: Madman Entertainment



Max Richter: "Sarah´s Key"

Max Richter composed the score for Gilles Paquet-Brenner`s film “Sarah’s Key", based on the novel by Tatiana de Rosnay.

Photograph: Erased Tapes



Dustin O´Halloran: "Lumiere"

Production of Dustin O´Halloran´s new album "Lumiere".

Photograph: Film1


PREMIERE       "Lila, Lila"

Max Richter: "Lila, Lila"

Max Richter composed the score for the film “Lila, Lila”, based on Martin Suter´s novel of the same name.