phillip sollmann

Phillip Sollmann is a contemporary composer, Berlin DJ, and techno-producer, who will be called Efdemin in the international club scene. Phillip Sollmann, together with the Ensemble Musikfabrik, has reinterpreted Harry Partch’s “Delusion of the Fury”.

Partch’s instruments have been replicated to give way to “Monophonie” where Sollmann uses a repetitive theme to recall the original composition. Sollmann describes the music as “microtonal and polyrhythmic music” that is purely produced in acoustic and reminds of the current club music. At the central point of the newly innovated composition, are the peculiar instruments created by Partch, as well as the tonal diversity created with the combination of Val Bertoia’s sound sculpture and Hermann-von-Helmholtz’s doubled sirene. 

On Friday November 3rd you have the chance to see Phillip Sollmann and the Ensemble Musikfabrik performing “Monophonie”. You can purchase the tickets here.