score composition

One of the core competencies of schneider + is the music consulting  for film and commercial productions, in finding the ideal composer to the development of integrated music concepts.

We have extensive experience in the field of film music and represent composers, who have gathered vast experience from many years of working for foreign production companies and directors.


Up to now we have supervised and accompanied 40 national and international film productions. The score productions range from solo piano to ochestra, from ska music to balkan brass and hiphop-beats.

Beyond music consulting the range of schneider + includes supporting of film music production from the budget-oriented cost planning  to the organization of the studio recordings, as well as the research of source music and copyright-clearing.


schneider+ is internationally well connected and since September 2011 the London based agency for film music Manners McDade is the british associated office. Moreover schneider+ stands in cooperative exchange with the composerĀ“s department of naked eye Agency for directors, writers and composers.

On request you can get an overview of our represented composers and their film projects. We are happy to send you informations of Matthew Herbert, Vivan & Ketan BhattiMatti Bye, Gian Marco Castro and Mocky.

schneider + range of services for film, advertising film and TV productions
- music consulting
- planning and organization of music production
- studio consulting
- booking of musicians
- musicians audition for film shoots
- copyright clearing
- research of source music
- costing and budget management